US Power Magazine

It's Aussies Vs. Yankies!

US Powerball vs. Australian Powerball - Which Is Best?

22 November 2016 - One is a firm local favourite, the other has the biggest lottery jackpots in the world. But which Powerball lottery really is the best? …more

The Two American Giants Compared!

US Powerball vs. MegaMillions: Which Is the Best American Lotto Anyways?

20 September 2016 - Which of these American lotteries gives you higher jackpots or better chances to win? US Powerball vs. MegaMillions: check out the outcome of this confront!…more

We’ve got Another Australian Winner!

Mother-of-four Wins US Power with Lottoland

19 September 2016 - A woman from NSW just won an amazing prize in US Power with Lottoland. Check out this interview where she talks about her plans with the money!…more

Everything You Need to Know About the Huge American Lottery

How to Bet on MegaMillions Online from Australia

08 July 2016 - The jackpot's just topped half a billion dollars (approx. $675 million), the 7th ever time in history, we show you how to bet on MegaMillions from Australia.…more

NSW Man Wins $67K on US Power

Another Lottoland Player Joins the List of Lucky Winners

23 June 2016 - A 43 year old man from NSW has joined the list of lucky Lottoland winners. He just won $67,617.60 on the US Power on Sunday June 19 2016!…more

The First Step to Winning, Is Knowing How to Win

How Many Numbers You Need to Win the Lotto: Full List

26 May 2016 - To help you win the lottery it's important to pick the right one and know, first of all, the rules and how many numbers you need to win the lotto. …more

You Asked, We Answer: The Best Lotteries

What Is the Best Lottery to Bet On at Lottoland?

25 May 2016 - You asked so we've answered - discover the best lotteries at Lottoland by cost, jackpot sizes, division prizes, odds and more. …more

Winning the Lotto

7 Real Ways How to Win the Lotto!

15 April 2016 - Is there any real way you can increase your chances of winning the lottery? Definitely! We look at some verifiable ways of increasing your chances.…more
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