US Power L

Get 252 chances to win on the world’s biggest jackpots now from just $100!

$646 million
13 Shares Available
$100.00 /SHARE

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US Power - $646 million
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Why choose US Power L?

252 chances to win!

By selecting this package, you’ll get 252 chances to win prizes as part of a syndicate betting on the biggest lottery game on the planet, US Powerball!

Monstrous jackpots

US Powerball is the proud record holder of the biggest lottery jackpot win in the history of the world, after giving away nearly 1.6 billion US dollars in January 2016!

Only $100!

Grab 252 chances to bet on the almighty US Powerball for just $100 now!


Lotteries just don’t get any bigger than US Powerball. And now, you can get 252 chances to bet on the enormous jackpot prizes available on America’s favourite jackpots for just a fraction of the normal cost. That’s right, for just $100 you’ll get 252 chances of closing in on those barely fathomable jackpots. US Powerball draws take place every Thursday and Sunday. Boost your chances now and get your US Power Betting Syndicate share/s!