Get Lucky with 288 Chances to Win Across 8 Jackpots for Just $8.88!

$1.1 billion
88 Shares Available
$8.88 /SHARE

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Select Duration (weeks) to play for up to 8 weeks or click "Subscribe" to bet on all consecutive draws until you cancel the subscription. For subscriptions choose the billing cycle (1 to 8 weeks).
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Lotteries included

EuroMillions - $117 million
1 lines
US Power - $646 million
3 lines
MegaMillions - $191 million
3 lines
5 more


288 Chances to Win

You'll receive a massive 288 chances to win the jackpot across the world's favourite lotteries!

8 Jackpots

With LUCKY 8's you bet on 8 lotteries including WorldMillions, US Powerball and Hong Kong Mark Six!

Just $8.88 per Share

You don’t need to spend big bucks for your chance to win. Just $8.88 per share that could change your life!


The larger the number of games in the syndicate the higher your chances of winning. Each syndicate has a set number of shares. So, for instance, if you select a syndicate with 30 shares and then purchase 1 share and win a $30m jackpot you will receive $1m. If you purchased 2 shares you would win $2m, if you purchased 3 it would be $3m and so on. Hong Kong Mark 6: 11.30pm AEST/12.30am AEDT US Power: 1pm AEST/3pm AEDT MegaMillions: 1pm AEST/3pm AEDT EuroMillions: 4am AEST/6am AEDT EuroJackpot: 4am AEST/6am AEDT TUE Lotto: 8.30pm AEST/9.30pm AEDT THU Lotto: 8.30pm AEST/9.30pm AEDT WorldMillions: 2am AEST/4am AEDT (Mon), 2.30am AEST/4.30am AEDT (Fri)