112 chances to win Europe’s premier jackpot for just $50!

$117 million
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$50.00 /SHARE

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EuroMillions - $117 million
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Why choose EuroMillions M?

112 chances to win!

With this syndicate betting package you get 112 chances to win Europe’s biggest lottery, EuroMillions!

Europe’s biggest jackpots

Win up to $279 million on Europe’s twice weekly lottery game. Huge rollovers are always around the corner.

Only $50!

Grab 112 chances to win Europe’s biggest lottery jackpots for just $50!


EuroMillions is Europe’s number one lottery game, with jackpots soaring as high as $279 million – and you can get 112 chances to win for just $50. But how do you get so many chances to win so cheaply? By anonymously joining other likeminded players as part of a EuroMillions online betting syndicate run by Lottoland. EuroMillions draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday.