Sink your teeth into this Tuesday betting syndicate, featuring 2 international and 1 Australian jackpots!

$28.11 million
21 Shares Available
$10.00 /SHARE

Duration (weeks)

Select Duration (weeks) to play for up to 8 weeks or click "Subscribe" to bet on all consecutive draws until you cancel the subscription. For subscriptions choose the billing cycle (1 to 8 weeks).
Total (1 Share)

Lotteries included

French Lotto - $12 million
3 lines
MINI Lotto - $110,000
1 lines
Tue Lotto - $16 million
7 lines


130 Chances to Win

You'll receive a massive 130 chances to win by betting on French Lotto, MINI Lotto, and Oz Lotto with this terrific betting syndicate.

Oz’s Favourite Lotto!

Australia’s most popular lotto created the biggest ever jackpot Down Under – a mindblowing $112 million!

Great Odds of Winning

MINI Lotto offers you the best odds of winning the jackpot at Lottoland!


The larger the number of games in the syndicate the higher your chances of winning. Each syndicate has a set number of shares. So, for instance, if you select a syndicate with 30 shares and then purchase 1 share and win a $30m jackpot you will receive $1m. If you purchased 2 shares you would win $2m, if you purchased 3 it would be $3m and so on. French Lotto: 8.07pm CET (3.07am AEST/5.07am AEDT) MINI Lotto: 9:40pm CET (7.40am AEDT/5.40am AEST) Tuesday Lotto: 8.30pm AEST/9.30pm AEDT