Bet on El Gordo Verano Online (Draw July 2017)

Spanish El Gordo Summer Lottery

Spanish El Gordo Summer Edition

Grab your ticket for this mammoth summer raffle, that’s the sister to the gargantuan Christmas El Gordo! Drawn on July 1st 2017, El Gordo de Verano features a prize pot of approximately $180m and an incredible 1 in 3 chance of winning!

The Summer Lottery at Lottoland

El Gordo de Verano works more like a traditional raffle than a regular lottery. Each ticket carries a 5 digit number and it’s up to you whether you purchase a whole ticket or a share at a fraction of the price.

El Gordo Verano Ticket Options

El Gordo de Verano’s huge prize pool of approx. $180m consists of an incredible 378,000 individual prizes. Even the second prize is worth almost $2m!

Gigantic $180 Million Prize Pool

El Gordo de Verano is drawn on the first Saturday of July every year, with the next draw falling on July 1st 2017. It’s the biggest lottery draw you’ll bet on all summer and it also offers by far the best chances of success!