Polish Lotto Help & FAQ

The Polish Lotto takes place three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and is a bargain at just $1.25 for a single game. You can bet on this draw online from Australia at Lottoland.

How Does Betting on Polish Lotto at Lottoland Work?

Instead of entering the official Polish Lotto draw, you place a bet on the outcome of it. You pick the numbers you think will be drawn in the same way as if you had entered the official lottery draw. At Lottoland you win the same prize money for each prize division that the official lottery operator offers, including the jackpot, and you receive your prize money as if you had actually played the official lottery.

How Do I Choose a Game and Place a Bet?

To place a bet all you need to do is select 6 numbers from the main pool of 1–49. You can also select the Quickies option (Quicky +1) and this will choose your numbers for you at random. Once you’ve made your number selection click the Submit button to proceed to the checkout. Review your purchase then click the ‘Confirm and proceed’ button to place your bets.

What Is the Polish + Draw Option?

For just $0.50 cents extra you can bet on Polish Lotto +. This is an extra draw offering a guaranteed prize pool of 1 million PLN (approx. $400k).

How Do I Win the Jackpot?

You will win our jackpot if your 6 main numbers are the same as that in the official Polish Lotto draw.

How Much Does It Cost to Bet on Polish Lotto?

A single standard game in the Polish Lotto costs $1.25 at Lottoland.

When Does the Draw Take Place?

The Polish Lottery draw takes place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 8.40pm GMT.

What Are the Odds of Winning the Jackpot?

The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 13,933,816. A breakdown of all the odds for each prize division, together with estimated returns is included below.

How Do I Get My Polish Lotto Winnings?

As a Lottoland player you will be automatically informed of results and any winnings will be credited to the balance of your Lottoland user account automatically. You then have the option of using these winnings to bet on more games, or you can withdraw the money to your bank account.

Please note that all new Lottoland players must first verify their identity before any withdrawals can be made due to Australian Federal Government Anti-Money Laundering legislation. Refer to our help section to find more information about how to verify your identity.

What Is a Subscription?

Subscriptions remove the hassle of buying repeat games and the fear of missing out on that big jackpot win. Our Subscription feature allows you to set up a reoccurring bet or bets on a given lottery draw. The subscription is open ended and will run for as long as you want it to. You can opt out at any time and cancel the subscription in your player account.

Please find more information here: How to cancel a subscription

Why Should I Bet on Polish Lotto at Lottoland?

The Polish Lotto takes place 3 times a week, offers exceptionally good odds of winning the jackpot and, at just $1.25 for a single game, is one of the competitively-priced lotteries you’re likely to find anywhere.

Can I Bet on Polish Lotto via App?

You can bet on Polish Lotto on your mobile while you’re on the go! The free Lottoland App is available for your iPhone or Android smartphone and simple to use.