Bet on Multi Keno Online from Australia


Double Draw Delight

With two draws daily, the excitement is around the clock with Multi Keno – a lotto offering a staggering (approx.) Bet on a $9 million jackpot on every draw.

Twice as Much Fun

Multi Keno sees 20 balls drawn from numbers 1 to 80, with players selecting between one and 10 numbers when betting. Stakes start from $1, but if you choose a higher stake, your winnings will be multiplied by that amount. You can also use the Quicky +1 option to have numbers automatically selected for you. Multi Keno draws take place at 6:40am and 11pm CET (2:40pm and 8am AEST/4:40pm and 10am AEDT) daily. Results of all draws can be found here: Multi Keno Results.

$9 Million Jackpot

One of the big draws of the Multi Keno game is its mega twice-a-day jackpot of approx. $9 million. If you stake $20 and match 10 numbers, you will win approx. $860,000. Take advantage of the Plus option and you will see your winnings reach the mega (approx.) $9 million jackpot!

Plus Winnings

Select the Plus option when making your bet (available for double your stake) and watch your winnings boom. The Plus number is the last of the 20 numbers to be drawn. If your final number matches it, your winnings will be multiplied! For more info see Multi Keno Help & FAQ