Mega-Sena Results & Winning Numbers

Mega-Sena Results for Sunday 25 Jun 2017 - Draw number 1,942
  • 6
  • 18
  • 20
  • 24
  • 43
  • 48
Division MatchWinners Amount
I Sena 0x No hits
II Quina 56x $9,885.69
III Quadra 4,126x $191.68
Conclusion of 5 Draws (1,945) $2,711,297.24
"Mega da Virada" $13,449,783.26

The Mega-Sena Draw

Mega-Sena consists of numbers from 01 to 60. Get all six numbers and you hit the jackpot, land five and you’ve still got plenty to celebrate having won the second prize tier, the “Quina”. Match four to hit the third and final prize tier, the “Quadra”.

In the table above you can see the number of winners for each prize division plus the amount each winner received in the last draw of Mega-Sena.

Mega-Sena Draw Times

Mega Sena is drawn each Wednesday and Saturday. The exact time of the official Mega Sena draw can vary slightly from week to week but generally take place at 8pm Brasilia time – that’s 9am Thursday/Sunday AEST.

The reason for these slight time discrepancies is the unique format of the draw itself. Sometimes the draw takes place in a TV studio, but other times it takes place in the Caminhão da Sorte (‘Luck Truck’) which travels all over Brazil allowing locals to take part in, and observe, the operation of the draw.

Mega-Sena Results

At Lottoland we publish the official Mega-Sena results each Wednesday and Saturday after the draw. You can also find the results of previous draws.