Double Jackpot

Bet on Hong Kong Mark Six Lotto Online

Mark 6 Lotto – All the Way from Hong Kong

Mark 6 is a national institution in Hong Kong and you can now bet on this draw from Australia at!

Pick Your Numbers, Place Your Bet – It’s that Easy

Select 6 numbers from 1-49 and place your bet. You can also speed things up by selecting Quickies (Quicky +1). If you match all 6 numbers you’ll win our jackpot! For more information refer to Hong Kong Mark 6 FAQ.

Three Times a Week

Three draws a week creates the potential for lucrative rollovers! The draw takes place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 9.30pm in Hong Kong (12.30am AEDT/11.30pm AEST). Mark 6 Results are available after the draw.

Great Price!

Mark 6 offers multimillion dollar jackpots for a low price of just $2.50 for a single standard bet! Try out this great value jackpot today!