16 February 2016

Lucky ACT Woman Cashes in

Woman Wins $11.5k after Taking a Chance on Sat Lotto

Around a month ago we launched in Australia in the exact same week that the US PowerBall jackpot soared to a world-record breaking $2.2 billion. The response was big. So big in fact that we made national news across the country and hundreds of thousands of eager Aussies headed for the website in order to sign up and get their chance to win that incredible jackpot.

Woman Wins $11.5k after Taking a Chance on Sat Lotto

Catherine Gough was one of those hopefuls, however, after being unable to purchase a US Power game due to the strain the site was under decided to try something different.

Catherine, from the ACT, tried her luck on Sat Lotto instead and won a cool $11,500. Speaking about the win, Catherine, revealed her delight saying that she already has plans for the cash and is still holding out for that REALLY big win at Lottoland!

Catherine, 33, smiled "I’ll most likely invest some of the money. I’ll also use it to pay off some of the mortgage. It’s great to win such a nice sum of cash, but I hope this isn’t the end of my luck. I’ll keep betting at Lottoland and will keep my fingers crossed for that big jackpot win."

Sat Lotto is just one of the great lottos available to bet on at Lottoland. We’ve got all the other big Aussie draws as well as a host of jackpots from around the world including the incredible US Power and MegaMillions.

There’s also big jackpots from Europe up for grabs such as the continent’s most popular draw EuroMillions. There’s also Irish Lotto, UK Lotto, Polish Lotto, French Lotto and many more.

Every day players at Lottoland have the chance to become millionaires.

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