26 May 2017

Friday Night Jackpot

Win up to $50 Million With Friday Lotto

Weekends are supposed to be for having fun, aren’t they? So imagine how much more fun you could have with $50 million! That’s now a possibility with Lottoland’s new appropriately named Friday Lotto. Each and every Friday night, you have an opportunity to win up to $50 million and ensure you start your weekend with a bang. In fact, if you win $50 million, the rest of your life can be a weekend! So what is Friday Lotto and how can you win it? Read on and learn all about Australia’s newest lottery.

Win up to $50 Million With Friday Lotto

How to Win $50 Million With Friday Lotto

Friday Lotto is different to other lotteries but still very simple to understand. Friday Lotto requires you to select an 8-digit number with numbers from 0 to 9 and then submit your bet. For example, you might like the chances of your 8-digit phone number (eg 9999-9999) or the combination of your age and the ages of three members of your family (eg 42-40-12-16). Perhaps you’d just prefer a random selection of 8 numbers, in which case you can choose Lottoland’s Quicky option (Quicky +1 or +All). However you decide to come up with your potentially life-changing 8-digit number, if it matches the Friday Lotto result in correct order, you win the jackpot!

Friday Lotto bets start from just $2 per bet and must be submitted by 7.45pm AEST/9.45pm AEDT each Friday.


What Is Friday Lotto?

Friday Lotto is exclusive to Lottoland and is based on the results of two official lottery draws. You are betting on the outcome of the Friday Lotto draw. Lottoland sources its results by taking the first four digits from the TS Super Szansa (drawn Fridays at 2pm CET – 10pm AEST/12am AEDT) and the last four digits from the FDJ Keno Joker+ (drawn Fridays at 1pm CET – 9pm AEST/11PM AEDT). If you win, Lottoland will pay you out directly.


$10K Winner in the First Draw!

The first Friday Lotto draw was on May 19, 2017 and the winning 8-digit number was 2-3-2-4-7-0-5-8. Immediately one lucky Lottoland player managed to win $10,000 in one of the lower divisions. The 54-year-old matched the first 5 of the 8 numbers drawn to scoop his $10k Division 4 win. The Sydneysider has been betting with Lottoland since it launched in Australia in January 2016, just days before that massive USD $1.586 billion* (approx. $2.1 billion*) record US Powerball draw. He learned of his win via email the following morning and instantly shared the news with his family and friends as he was “too excited to keep it to himself”!


How to Place a Bet in Friday Lotto

To place a bet in Friday Lotto simply select an 8-digit number from a range of 0-9 for each individual number and submit your bet. For example, you might select the 8-digit number of 0-1-2-3-4-5-6-7 if you like, or something like 1-5-6-0-8-9-0-4. If your 8-digit number matches the winning number in correct order, you win the jackpot! Jackpots may be shared if another customer also has the correct winning numbers.

Each bet for Friday Lotto costs $2.


Other Prize Divisions

Even if you don’t match your 8-digit number exactly with the official 8-digit number, there’s still plenty of ways to win. In fact, there’s a total of eight ways to win a prize betting on Friday Lotto. The easiest way to win is simply by matching the last digit of your number. Generally speaking, the more final numbers you match, the bigger your prize. Match all 8 numbers in correct order and you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

Division Match  
I Match 8 in order  
II Match final 7 in order  
III Match final 6 in order  
IV Match final 5 in order  
V Match final 4 in order  
VI Match final 3 in order  
VII Match final 2 in order  
VIII Match final number  


Did Someone Say DoubleJackpot?

Your reward for reading down this far is the knowledge that you can actually win up to $100 million with Friday Lotto! Lottoland’s DoubleJackpot feature allows you to double the regular Friday Lotto Jackpot. For example, if the Friday Lotto jackpot has reached $50 million, you can bet for $100 million instead!

To activate the DoubleJackpot feature, simple select the DoubleJackpot box before submitting your bet. Because you’re playing for more money, DoubleJackpot bets on Friday Lotto do cost more, so instead of the $2 cost for a regular bet, you will pay $4. That’s an extra $2 for a chance to win potentially an extra $50 million!

Only the jackpot is doubled with the DoubleJackpot feature – all other prize divisions remain the same.


Never Miss a Friday Lotto Draw

Imagine waking on Saturday morning, checking the Friday Lotto numbers from the night before and seeing your regular 8-digit number as the winning combination. You’d be ecstatic, right? Until it dawns upon you that you forgot to submit your bet! Lottoland’s Subscription feature can ensure that this never happens to you.

Lottoland’s subscribe feature allows you to set up your account to bet on Friday Lotto automatically. You choose your 8-digit number tick ‘Subscription’ and you can​ opt out at any time. Lottoland will take care of the rest and ensure that your bet is placed each week.


Bet On Your Mobile

Why not submit your Friday Lotto bet on the train on the way home? You could win millions on your mobile with the Lottoland App, available for both iPhone and Android smartphones.

However you choose to get involved, make sure your bets are in each and every Friday by 7.45pm AEST/9.45pm AEDT. Get involved in Australia’s exciting new lottery and you could be waking up on Saturday morning a mega-millionaire!