15 June 2017

Keno From the Comfort of Your Couch!

Win up to $10 Million Every 4 Minutes with Keno 24/7

It has been a popular pastime in Australia for decades but until now, Keno was only available at participating pubs and clubs. Not anymore! Thanks to Lottoland, you can now bet on Keno at home from the comfort of your couch. You could also enjoy it from the comfort of your bus or train, or even office! Just don’t let your boss catch you. With a draw every 4 minutes, you never have to wait long for a shot at becoming a millionaire! Here’s all you need to know about Lottoland’s NEW Keno 24/7.

Win up to $10 Million Every 4 Minutes with Keno 24/7

What Is Keno 24/7?

Keno 24/7 is similar to most lotteries, except that instead of a draw every few days or once a week, there’s a draw every 4 minutes!

Aside from the high frequency of draws, the other notable difference between Keno 24/7 and a regular lottery is that with Keno 24/7 you choose how many numbers you wish to bet on. Each Keno 24/7 draw sees 20 numbers drawn from a range of 1 to 80. The more numbers you choose to bet on (between 1 and 10), the bigger the amount you can win (up to $10 million).

For example, if you bet on 3 numbers and match those 3 numbers against the 20 numbers drawn, you win $44 for your $1 bet. If you choose to bet on 6 numbers and match all 6, you win $1,800 for your $1 bet. The maximum amount of numbers you can bet on is 10. If you match all of your 10 numbers in a draw, you win a massive $1 million for your $1 bet!


How Can I Win $10 Million?

Bets start from $1 but go up in multiples of $1 all the way to $10 in order to give you a chance to multiply your winnings. For instance, if you decided to bet with a stake of $2 on a three number game and match all three numbers, instead of winning $44 for a $1 bet, you’ll win $88 for your $2 bet. Bet $3 on a 6 number game and match all 6 numbers, and instead of winning $1,800 for $1, you’ll win $5,400 for your $3 bet.

In order to win the mind-boggling $10 million jackpot, you need to bet $10 on a 10 number game and match all of your 10 numbers against the 20 numbers drawn. Achieve this feat and you can start popping the champagne!

One of the great things about Keno 24/7 is that there are plenty of ways to win a prize, even if you don’t match all of your numbers. In fact, each draw has an incredible 37 different ways to win. For example, if you bet on 9 numbers and manage to match 8, you’ll still pick up a cool $2,500 for a $1 bet, or $25,000 if it was a $10 bet.

A full list of prize divisions and a Keno 24 /7 pay table can be found in the Keno 24/7 Help & FAQ section. You can find winning numbers on our Keno 24/7 Results page.


How Do I Place a Keno 24/7 Bet?

Betting on Keno 24/7 can be done in three easy steps.

  • Step 1 – Choose your numbers (or choose a Quicky and unselect/select the numbers you want).
  • Step 2 – Select how many draws you wish to bet on with those numbers. The more draws you bet on, the more chances you have to win!
  • Step 3 – Select your stake between $1 (x1) and $10 (x10). Your winnings will be multiplied by your stake as outlined above.


Start Spreading the News

When you place a Keno 24/7 bet at Lottoland, you are betting on the outcome of the New York Keno (Quick Draw). You pick your numbers exactly as you would if you were entering the official draw. Lottoland will pay out your winnings directly.


Keno 24/7 on the Go

You can bet on Keno 24/7 and other Australian and International lotteries with just a few taps on your phone. The Lottoland App is available for both Android and iPhone smartphones. Bet anywhere, anytime with the Lottoland App!

Good luck with your Keno 24/7 bets and becoming Australia’s next mega-millionaire!