17 February 2017

How to Boost Your Chances

Will I Win the Lottery Tonight?

Will I win the lottery tonight? An optimist would say yes! A pessimist will say no, and a realist would say you might. The thing about the lottery is, you have to be in it to win it. Of course there are a whole host of ways out there that could boost your chances, from the genuinely helpful to the downright crazy, so we decided to investigate.

Will I Win the Lottery Tonight?

Talk to the Animals

Across the world there have been thousands of big money lottery winners through the ages. While many choose to opt for anonymity, others have shared their stories with the world. Perhaps taking inspiration from some of them will boost your chances of winning the lottery tonight?

There was Billy Gibbons, a jackpot winner in the UK, whose winning numbers where picked by his pet chicken, who walked across his calculator after Billy had spilt chicken feed on it.

The rest is, as they say, history.

Then there was Jane and Alan Slater who won twice, with a little help from their faithful Labrador Ruby. The couple had already banked £150,000 (approx. $243,000) on the Euromillions jackpot, before Ruby sniffed out another identical ticket in the back of their car. Now that's a very good dog.

There is always the Paul the octopus method. Paul made headlines after successfully predicting a series of match results in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Sadly Paul is no longer with us, but should you stumble on an equally insightful mollusc you can lay out a series of lotto balls and let the helpful octopus guide you to riches.

Of course, I must add that there is no scientific evidence that the animal kingdom can truly help you win the lottery, and the above examples may have simply been luck.


Consult the Stars

Since the dawn of time humans have sought meaning from the stars. Now, after millennia, we have condensed this info into handy, bite sized horoscopes which appear in the paper.

While a lot of people write them off as mumbo jumbo, Carly Wiggett and Becky Witt have them to thank for their lotto win. The pair were persuaded by Carly's mother to pick up a Euromillions ticket after she spotted that Pisces and Taurus (the girl's zodiac signs) were aligned!

While this tale adds a lot of weight to the star signs argument, one does have to factor in all those people that were told they would win, and subsequently didn't.

Perhaps it's best to take horoscopes with a pinch of salt after all?


Be Mathematical

Sometimes star gazing and insightful animals just don't cut it. If you're a bit more down to earth (or indeed sceptical) you're going to want proven ways to improve your chances of winning the lottery tonight.

The best approach to boosting your chances is to buy more lotto bets. Why? Well the more games you have, the more chance you have of winning. Simple really.

The downside of this is you're going to have to pay more. The best way to counter this is of course to join a syndicate. Here you have access to a lot more lotto lines, without breaking the bank before every draw.


Urm… Bet With Lottoland

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