01 June 2017

Lotteries You Can Bet On Each Day of the Week!

Which Lottery Is Tonight?

With more than 30 different lotteries available to bet on and others being added all the time, Australians are spoilt for choice when it comes to opportunities to strike it rich. Discover when your favourite local and international lotto draws take place. 

Which Lottery Is Tonight?

Knowing exactly when each lottery draw took place in Australia used to be simple. There was Monday, Wednesday and Saturday lotto. The three stalwarts were then joined by Tuesday Lotto and Thursday Lotto in the 1990s, giving Aussies the opportunity to strike it rich on 5 nights a week. And that’s how it remained for the next 20 or so years, until finally, Lottoland hit our shores! Thanks to Lottoland, Australians now have more than 30 different local and international lotteries available to bet on and never have to go a day without a chance to change their life.

But with so many lotteries available, how is one expected to know when they all take place? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Keep reading to find out exactly what day/night each local and international lottery is available for you to bet on.


Lottos on Monday

It’s hard to think of a better way to overcome the Monday blues than winning the lottery. Once upon a time Aussies only had Monday night lotto to look forward to, but it has now been joined by several other international lotteries to provide more chances of starting the working week with a bang. The absolute stand-out - conducted bright and early on Monday morning - is WorldMillions, which has a guaranteed jackpot of $100 million on Mondays! Be sure to get your bets on for that one before you go to bed on Sunday night. Just think, you wouldn’t even have to turn up to work on Monday morning!

Here’s the other lotteries not to be missed on a Monday.

A great way to get involved on a Monday is with the Monday Magic syndicate, which packages bets on Monday Lotto, El Gordo Primitiva and the big WorldMillions draws. Shares are available for $10 each, giving you 111 combinations to win.


Lottos on Tuesday

Tuesday Lotto in Australia is renowned for delivering the largest local jackpots and actually holds the record for the biggest ever Australian jackpot on record, when four winners shared in an incredible $112 million jackpot in November 2012. It’s hard to go past this legendary local lottery on a Tuesday night, but it has a strong support cast including big lotteries from European neighbours France and Germany. 

Here’s your full line-up which lotteries you can bet on Tuesdays.

Grab a piece of the Tuesday action with the Champion Tuesday betting syndicate. Included in the syndicate are bets on the Australian Tuesday Lotto, the French Lotto and the Polish Mini Lotto.


Lottos on Wednesday

Australia’s Wednesday night Lotto had the mid-week mantle to itself for many years, but the long-standing local has now been joined by a trifecta of some of the biggest hitters on the world lotto stage. EuroMillions, MegaMillions and SuperEnalotto have transformed Wednesdays into a lottery lovers paradise, with jackpots running into the hundreds of millions of dollars. These international draws take place before the sun comes up, so get your bets on the night before!

Check out this big Wednesday rundown.

The Winning Wednesday syndicate is a Lottoland favourite and offers shares in EuroMillions, MegaMillions and Wednesday Lotto. Win one of these jackpots and you’ll jump over the mid-week hump!


Lottos on Thursday

You could be forgiven for mistaking the Thursday lottery rundown with an itinerary for a round-the-world trip! Australia’s Thursday night lotto – a big one in its own right – now has the company of lotteries from all over Europe and the US, including the biggest lottery of all, US Power. Thanks to Lottoland, Australians can now bet on two different Powerball draws on the same day! While Australia’s Thursday Lotto jackpot once rose above a mouthwatering $80 million, its big brother in the US has reached the scintillating heights of more than $1 billion!

Thursday’s list of lotteries is as follows.

If that long list of lotteries is too overwhelming, you might be interested in the Thursday Thunder syndicate, which offers shares in bets on Thursday Lotto, US Power and UK Lotto.


Lottos on Friday

Friday night Lotto is the new lottery on the scene and it’s complemented by a strong international line-up for this final day of the working week. For those of you looking to live large, WorldMillions ($50 million on Fridays) and SuperEnalotto make their second appearance, just in case you didn’t hit the jackpot earlier in the week. 

Here’s your Friday rundown.

The Lottoland Friday syndicate of choice is known as Fabulous Friday. It offers a piece of the action in SuperEnalotto, WorldMillions and the pocket rocket, Polish lotto!


Lottos on Saturday

We don’t call it Super Saturday for nothing! In addition to the Saturday stalwart, Saturday night Lotto, the European quinella of EuroJackpot and EuroMillion combined with America’s MegaMillions make Saturdays a day not to be missed by lotto lovers.  

Check out the Saturday lottery schedule.

Lottoland’s Super Saturday Syndicate is one of the week’s most popular. It offers shares in bets on the day’s big three – EuroJackpot, EuroMillions and MegaMillions. Grab your share/s now!


Lottos on Sunday

Someone forgot to tell us that Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest. Lottoland rounds out the week in style with an astonishing 17 international lottos to bet on, including the holy grail of lotteries, US Power. Imagine winning a billion bucks as you relax on a Sunday afternoon?

Your Sunday lottery line-up is as follows.

With so many great lotteries on the one day, we’ve made things easier for you to get involved by packaging a few of them into a syndicate called Sunday Funday. A share in a Sunday Funday syndicate will give you 75 combinations of bets in the US Power, Swedish Lotto and Austrian Lotto draws.


Daily Lotteries - Win Up to $10 Million!

While we're best known for hosting an array of huge international lotteries, such as EuroMillions and MegaMillions, we also have a couple of amazing daily draws to keep you entertained.

Our Multi Keno jackpot draws not once, but twice a day, giving you two chances to bank the top prizes.

It gets better… last year we introduced KeNow, a revolutionary lotto jackpot that draws every FOUR minutes! That's right, 15 draws per hour giving you 15 chances to become a millionaire.

Just recently added to our range of products: Keno 24/7. With a draw every 4 minutes, 7 days a week, you never have to wait long for your chance to win millions. Each draw offers an opportunity to win up to $10 million


Special Draws

So you're now aware of just how many jackpots we have available every week at Lottoland.

Of course, we wouldn't be much of a lottery betting provider if we didn't drop in a few extra special draws once in a while.

  • The Spanish Christmas Lottery (December 22nd): the famous El Gordo jackpot is available every year at Lottoland. Lottoland players have banked a top prize for the last two years, so don't miss out on your chance to bet in 2017.
  • El Gordo de Verano (first Saturday of July): Spain's sizzling summer jackpot can be bet on each July with us.
  • El Nino (January 6th): for players who didn't win big on the Christmas Lottery, there is always El Nino. Drawing early in the new year, it's perfect to chase off those post-Christmas blues. 

So there you have it, over 25 different Australian and International lotteries available for you to bet on whenever you want! 


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