08 February 2017

Your Chance to Bet on the Lotto Tonight

When Is the Next Lottery?

With over 25 different lotteries to bet on at Lottoland, there is always another draw just around the corner. Check out our exhaustive list of upcoming jackpots to see when the next lottery is. 

When Is the Next Lottery?

What lottery to bet on next you ask? Here is a weekly rundown of all our lotto jackpots and their respective draw times.

Click the links to discover more details about these amazing lotteries, and to place your bets.


Lottos on Monday


Lottos on Tuesday


Lottos on Wednesday


Lottos on Thursday


Lottos on Friday


Lottos on Saturday


Lottos on Sunday


Daily Lotteries

While we're best known for hosting an array of huge international lotteries, such as EuroMillions and MegaMillions, we also have a couple of amazing daily draws to keep you entertained.

Our Multi Keno jackpot draws not once, but twice a day, giving you two chances to bank the top prizes.

It gets better… last year we introduced KeNow, a revolutionary lotto jackpot that draws every FOUR minutes! That's right, 15 draws per hour giving you 15 chances to become a millionaire.



Special Draws

So you're now aware of just how many jackpots we have available every week at Lottoland.

Of course, we wouldn't be much of a lottery betting provider if we didn't drop in a few extra special draws once in a while.

  • The Spanish Christmas Lottery (December 22nd): the famous El Gordo jackpot is available every year at Lottoland. Lottoland players have banked a top prize for the last two years, so don't miss out on your chance to bet in 2017.
  • El Gordo de Verano (first Saturday of July): Spain's sizzling summer jackpot can be bet on each July with us.
  • El Nino (January 6th): for players who didn't win big on the Christmas Lottery, there is always El Nino. Drawing early in the new year, it's perfect to chase off those post-Christmas blues. 

So there you have it, over 25 different Australian and International lotteries available for you to bet on whenever you want!