12 April 2016

Here’s Why Lottoland Is Different

What’s the Difference Between Lottoland and State Lottery Providers?

Since launching in Australia in December 2015 we’ve gotten a lot of questions. One of the most popular topics is that of our business model and how we differ from traditional lottery vendors. There are actually quite a lot of differences, more than some people realise. As you might expect there are both benefits and drawbacks as a result. This article was therefore created to help you understand what those differences are, in a clear and transparent fashion. 

What’s the Difference Between Lottoland and State Lottery Providers?

State lottery providers have been operating for many years. Lottoland, in contrast, is a fresh, new company which first launched in 2013.

Having secured a license from the Northern Territory government it launched in Australia in late December 2015.

Lottoland not only offers all the best international lotteries – it’s also a fully international company licensed in Gibraltar, the UK and Australia. The company operates throughout mainland Europe and in the UK, as well as in other large markets such as Brazil. Its headquarters are in Gibraltar, where all the world’s biggest and most prominent i-gaming companies (bwin, Ladbrokes, William Hill) are also based.  

I Get that Lottoland’s Different – So What’s the Deal?

Lottoland does not have any “brick and mortar” outlets. All transactions are carried out, safely and securely, online.

Unlike state lottery providers, Lottoland is not a lottery operator. We don’t operate any lotteries of our own and we don’t sell any lottery tickets.

Lottoland is a lottery betting company. We take bets on the results of lotteries from all over the world, plus the biggest lotteries from here in Australia. Should you be lucky enough to get all the numbers correct we then pay out the exact same amount as the official lottery.

Besides our own considerable lottery “war chest”, we are also underwritten by major insurers worldwide. We offer some seriously high jackpots, at similarly high odds and our insurers have agreed to take on this financial “risk” on our behalf. This is how we’re able to guarantee payouts on some of the biggest jackpots on the planet.

Despite being just under three years old we’ve already paid out millions upon millions in prizes to lottery players from all over the world.


Lottoland’s biggest restriction is that, unfortunately, due to the terms of our gaming license, we are unable to sell to South Australian residents. We apologise for this, though please understand this situation is beyond our control.

Players from other parts of Australia can bet on the website but games are only available to those aged 18 years or older.


If you love the lottery then Lottoland is the place to be. We’ve got bigger jackpots, and more of them, than anyone else – and we pay out the full amounts too. Sure, you can play Australian Powerball with state lottery providers each Thursday. Or, every Thursday and Sunday, you can bet on US Powerball – there’s really no contest.

American Powerball made headlines worldwide in January 2016 after it became the first lottery in history to offer a jackpot over $1 billion USD. The result was unprecedented demand from Australian players. 

Not only does Lottoland offer the biggest jackpots, when it comes to choice no other company comes close. We have more than 20 lotteries and counting, the best lottery games from all over the world, plus we’ve got lots more cool stuff in the pipeline which we will be announcing shortly. (Wish we could tell you now, but trust us – it’s going to be huge!)

Similarly, not only do you get a huge choice of lotteries you also have lots of choices as to when and how you bet. For example, you can set your duration options, opt to enable or disable bonus games and avail of special, exclusive features such as NumberShield and our now-famous DoubleJackpot for the Australian lotteries.

Also, since we’re a true online gaming company rather than a lottery operator, we also offer plenty of great bonuses and promotions on a regular basis.


Lottoland offers more – more lotteries, more high-value jackpots, more options and more fantastic bonuses and promotions.

Check out our promotions page for the latest offers!