25 May 2016

You Asked, We Answer: The Best Lotteries

What Is the Best Lottery to Bet On at Lottoland?

We've got so many lotteries at Lottoland that sometimes it's hard to know where to begin. So in this article we're going to look at the best lotteries - each for a set of different criteria such as price, odds, jackpots and overall generosity to help determine the best lottery for you. 

What Is the Best Lottery to Bet On at Lottoland?

Who, how, where, what and why? Every day we're inundated with questions from customers who want to learn more about Lottoland, how it works, our various products and, of course, how much they can win.

In this, our You Asked, We Answer series we're going to look at some of the more common questions starting with one of the most common questions of them all.

If you go to our full list of Australian and international lotteries you'll find there are over twenty different games in total. Each game has its own unique pros and cons, plus an extensive FAQ section with full information on prizes, odds and so on. For newcomers, just wondering what game to try first, the level of detail can sometimes be overwhelming.

So, what lottery is the best one to bet on? Well, personal preferences will always play a part so let's break things it down by the following:

  • Best Price
  • Best Odds
  • Most Generous
  • Biggest Jackpots

So, whichever criteria matters most to you, just scroll down to find the answer.


The Best Lottery – By Price

Winner: Mini Lotto

At just $0.50 per game Poland's Mini Lotto is the cheapest lottery to bet on at Lottoland. As it's a "mini" lotto the jackpots are generally measured in thousands, not millions. Still, the jackpot odds are incredible, essentially giving you the chance win the price of a shiny new BMW for less than the price of a packet of chips.

Runner Up: Mon & Wed Lotto

The Mon and Wed Lotto follows closely with costs per standard game of just $0.60.  


The Best Lottery – By Jackpot Odds

Winner: Mini Lotto

Once again Poland's Mini Lotto wins the prize with jackpot odds of just 1 : 850,668. [Learn More about lottery odds.]

Draws take place seven times a week, Mondays to Sundays. This means you can bet on the lottery every day with seven chances to get rich for just $3.50 a week!

Runners Up:

The Swedish Lotto offers million dollar jackpots at odds of 1 : 6,724,520 - and a six number pick costs just $1.50.

The Austrian Lotto, which also costs $2 for a basic game gives, gives odds of 1 : 8,145,060.

So, too, does Australia's Mon & Wed and Sat Lotto games.


The Best Lottery – Most Generous

The Spanish Christmas Lottery isn't just the biggest, it's also the most generous lottery in the world. And with approx. $3 billion up for grabs El Gordo rightly deserves the title King of the Lotteries.

It's only held once a year, on December 22nd, and tickets cost much more than regular lotto games, but then around one in every six tickets is a winner. Likewise you have a one in 100,000 chance of becoming a millionaire, which is also quite favourable compared to regular lottos. Best of all you can now enjoy the same festive generosity as the Spanish do by betting on the results online with Lottoland.

Runner Up: US Power

America's Powerball just recently took the title of the world's biggest lottery jackpot from MegaMillions. US Powerball has paid out more record jackpots (6 out of the world's top ten, three of which are worth over half a billion US!) than any other lottery on the planet.


The Best Lottery – By Jackpot Size

As of today US Powerball holds the record in lottery jackpot size with its January 2016 record jackpot of $2.2 billion.

Runner Up: MegaMillions

Prior to January 2016, rival lottery MegaMillions was responsible for the largest lottery jackpot of all time, a whopping US$656 million, or approx. $906 million.


Bet On The World's Best Lotteries In One Go

Right, so you've done your homework, so now it's time to let's get started!

Which lottery do you think is best?