30 November 2016

December madness at Lottoland!

We’ve DOUBLED the jackpots and frozen our prices

You read that right. As a way to thank you to all our valued clients in 2016 when betting with Lottoland in December, you could win DOUBLE the official jackpot on all Australian lotteries – at no extra cost!

No tricks, no small print. We just love Decembers – and so will you.  

We’ve DOUBLED the jackpots and frozen our prices

The most magical time of the year is around the corner and we’d love to make it even more magical for you by giving you the chance to win big!

With that in mind - and to show you how thankful we are to you, for an amazing 2016 – we decided to offer a “present” to all our clients: the activation of the Double Jackpot feature for all our bets on Australian lotteries, FOR FREE, in all December draws.

Not familiar with the Double Jackpot feature? So let’s fill you in:

What is Double Jackpot?

This Lottoland exclusive tool allows you to double the amount of the jackpot. By simply activating the “Double Jackpot” button on the top of your bet slip, you could win double the value of the announced jackpot.

For example, let’s say you want to bet on a Tuesday Lotto draw which offers a $2 million jackpot. By activating the Double Jackpot option, you'll instantly increase your personal TUE Lotto jackpot to a cool $4 million! 

How to play for DOUBLE the jackpot

How Much Does the Double Jackpot Feature Normally Cost?

The Double Jackpot normally costs double your stake. So, for example, if you are betting with a simple game on that TUE Lotto draw – which usually costs $1.20 – you would be paying a total of $2.40 if you activate the Double Jackpot option.

How Much Does the Double Jackpot Feature Cost in December​?

NOTHING. You will be paying the exact same amount you would for a regular jackpot, except this time, you can win double the money for that draw!

Do I Have to Do Anything to Participate?

Absolutely not. You don’t need to activate the Double Jackpot button or to insert any promo-codes.

All bets for December, draws of Australian lotteries, such as Australian Powerball, Oz LottoMon & Wed Lotto, Saturday Lotto are eligible.

What About Lower Division winnings?

Only the Division 1 major jackpot will be eligible, all minor division winnings will not be doubled. 

Wait, Is This for Real?

YES. When you bet with Lottoland you are not buying a ticket for the official lottery, but betting on the outcome of a lottery (know more about Lotto Betting). If you win, you will receive the amount you would have won, had you purchased an entry in the official Australian lottery for that draw; or, even double that amount when you play with us in December! You will be paid directly by Lottoland.

That’s why we have the freedom to offer unique benefits to you, like the Double Jackpot feature!

Please Note: the free Double Jackpot promotion is valid for December 2016 only!

So prepare your lucky numbers (or have a go on our Quickies), spread the word, and bet on your favourite Australian lotteries from the comfort of your home this holiday season!