15 January 2016

The Most Exciting Week In Lottery History

US Powerball Jackpot Won As Lottoland Makes Headlines

The biggest ever lottery jackpot has just been won. Yes, that's right, that jackpot! The first jackpot in history to exceed a billion dollars, and later, 2 billion dollars, was won last night. There were three winning tickets in total, meaning each player will take a share of over $755 million. Best of all we're also proud to announce we've had a winner of our own!

US Powerball Jackpot Won As Lottoland Makes Headlines


It's been a hectic week here at Lottoland, a week which saw America's Powerball jackpot exceed $2 billion AUD, making it the first lottery in history to ever do so. The result was an unprecedented level of demand, a very busy week, some seriously overheated servers and stressed out IT guys as players from all over the world clamoured for their chance to win billions of dollars betting on US Powerball with Lottoland!

First Billion Dollar Jackpot In History Won

Not long after the draw we saw images of intense celebration in the town of Chino Hills, California, a suburb of LA. This was the first of three locations where a lucky winning ticket was sold.

Shortly after two more winners came forward, first from Florida, then Tennessee.

So, rather than creating the world's first lottery billionaire, the epic jackpot will be split three ways. Still, that comes to approx. $755 million AUD each, more than two and a half times the maximum amount you can win on EuroMillions.

Though across the Pacific we've got reasons of our own to celebrate. 

Lottoland Player Wins Big On US Power

We've just learned that of one of our lucky players also won big on last night's draw.

The player won the second prize division, worth $2 million USD, but also used the PowerPlay option therefore doubling his/her win with the 2x multiplier!

So first let us congratulate the player and we'll give you more details on the win as we get them.

Lottoland Makes World Headlines

Of course even before this win we were already making headlines across the world, especially here in Australia, where we'd just launched only a week before.

In fact if you've experienced issues with our other international sites over the past week it was mainly because of Australia. At one point we had over 200,000 new registrations in less than 24 hours.

The result? Our servers ground to a halt and the story first got picked up by news sites such as the Sydney Morning Herald, and later, by the Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Huffington Post, Mashable, Buzzfeed, Yahoo….

Which of course lead to even more signups and servers you could fry eggs on. 

And It's Not Over Yet!

We still have lots of massive jackpots here at Lottoland, especially this week's EuroMillions! Sure it's not as dramatic as the US Power jackpot but would you say no? Plus the odds are much easier too!