19 June 2017

37 Ways to Win Every 4 Minutes!

Teen Turns $4 into $20,000 with Keno 24/7

A New South Wales teenager has become the toast of her friends and family after turning chump change into a significant $20,000 win. The 19-year-old amassed the small fortune betting on Lottoland’s newest product, Keno 24/7. Since its launch just a few weeks ago, Lottoland has already paid out more than $400,000 in Keno 24/7 winnings! 

Teen Turns $4 into $20,000 with Keno 24/7

How Does Lottoland’s Keno 24/7 Work?

Keno 24/7 is very similar to the Keno you may be used to playing at your local pub or club, except that with Lottoland, you can now bet on Keno 24/7 online from home or from anywhere you have mobile phone reception via the Lottoland App.

The main differences between Keno 24/7 and regular lotteries is the high frequency of draws (every 4 minutes) and the fact that you get to choose how many numbers you wish to bet on each draw.  

Every 4 minutes, 20 numbers are drawn from a range of 1 to 80. The more numbers you choose to bet on (from 1 to 10) and the more of those numbers you match, the more you win! You can also choose to stake between $1 and $10 per bet in order to multiply your winnings even more.

There’s 37 different ways to win each draw, with prizes ranging from $1 all the way up to a life-changing $10 million!


How the Teen Turned $4 into $20,000

Our lucky teenager only joined Lottoland towards the end of May, around the same time as the launch of Keno 24/7. It didn’t take her long to find the exciting new Keno product and strike it rich! She won her $20,000 by betting on 7 numbers and matching all 7 of those numbers against the 20 numbers drawn.

The nifty 19-year-old was staking $4 per bet, which meant that the regular prize for matching 7 from 7 numbers ($5,000) was multiplied by four, to give her a well-earned $20k windfall. That’s her university fees, a new car or a memorable overseas holiday for her and a good number of her friends and family taken care of!


How Can I Win $10 Million?

As mentioned above, the more numbers you choose to bet on (between 1 and 10) the more money you can win. For instance, if you choose 4 numbers and match all 4 in a draw, you win between $120 for a $1 stake and $1,200 for a $10 stake. Choose 8 numbers and match all 8 in a draw and you’ll win between $25,000 for a $1 stake and $250,000 for a $10 stake.

Every four minutes there is a chance to win a massive $10 million. In order to win the $10 million jackpot, you need to choose 10 numbers and bet the maximum $10 stake. Match all 10 numbers in a draw with your $10 bet and Bob’s your uncle – you’ve won $10 million! 

Check out the Keno 24/7 Prize Divisions and Pay Table on our FAQ page to find out how much you can win. Remember, you can stake up to $10 to multiply your winnings by the staked amount.

You don’t have to match all of your chosen numbers to win a prize. For example, if you choose 10 numbers but only match 9, you still win $10,000 for each $1 staked. There are 37 ways to win every draw! That’s 37 different prizes available every four minutes.


How Do I Place a Bet On Keno 24/7?

Betting on Keno 24/7 is easy!

Step 1 is to choose your numbers (between 1 and 10).

Step 2 is to choose how many draws you would like bet on. The more draws, the more chances you have to win.

Step 3 is to select your stake between $1 and $10 per bet. Your stake will determine how many times your prize is multiplied. For instance, if you choose 9 numbers and match all 9, your $1 stake would return you $100,000. If you had staked $5, you would win $500,000 (5 x $100,000). If you had staked $10, you would win $1 million (10 x $100,000).


Keno 24/7 Bets Start From Just $1

You can turn a little into a lot with Keno, just like the fortunate New South Welshman (or should that be New South Welshwoman) above.

In fact, it’s possible to transform $1 into $1 million if you’re lucky enough! Bets start from just a buck per draw. Most Lottoland members choose multiple draws to increase their chances of their numbers coming up. For instance, select 10 draws and there’s forty minutes of fun waiting for your lucky numbers to appear (Keno 24/7 Results & Winning Numbers)!


Keno 24/7 On Your Mobile

Don’t forget to download the Lottoland App to bet on all of your favourite local and international lotteries, including Keno 24/7! Imagining winning $10 million on your way home from work! The Lottoland App is available for both Android and iPhone smartphones.

All the best with Keno 24/7 – Lottoland’s latest and most exciting new product!