16 June 2017

The Swiss Lottery is Something to Yodel About

Swiss Lotto at Lottoland: The Alpine Jackpot is Here!

From the home of the Alps comes a mountainous lottery, and one of Europe’s most lucrative jackpots is now available to bet on from Australia. Switzerland’s most popular lottery is now open for business, and you might just need to set up a Swiss bank account to store all your winnings if your luck is in.

Swiss Lotto at Lottoland: The Alpine Jackpot is Here!

The Swiss Lotto has been played in Switzerland since 1970, with draws taking place twice weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays. To date more than 600 Swiss citizens have become millionaires thanks to this lottery, and now the opportunity to bet on the Swiss Lotto with its generous jackpots is available to us in Australia as well.


Generous Odds

Select 6 numbers from 1 to 42 plus one extra ball from one to six, and if you match all 7 numbers then you will win or share in the top prize. If you’re one of those people who doesn’t like to share, then Lottoland offer the NumberShield function to make sure that nobody else can bet on the same number selection as you. The Swiss Lotto jackpot regularly rises into high double-digit millions, and the odds of winning the jackpot are among the best of all European lotteries. 


Swiss Lotto Odds of Winning

Prize Division

Odds of Winning

Match 6 numbers + bonus

1 in 31,474,716

Match 6 numbers

1 in 6,294,943

Match 5 numbers + bonus

1 in 145,716

Match 5 numbers

1 in 29,143

Match 4 numbers + bonus

1 in 3,331

Match 4 numbers

1 in 666

Match 3 numbers + bonus

1 in 220

Match 3 numbers

1 in 44


Swiss Lotto Jackpots & Draw Days

A single bet on the Swiss Lotto costs $3.50, or you can double up to $7 if you want to choose the DoubleJackpot option. Swiss Lotto jackpots start at a guaranteed minimum of CHF 1.5 million (approx. $2 million), with the record pay-out to date scaling the heights to top $80 million. Draws take place Wednesday and Saturday evening in Switzerland (Thursday and Sunday morning in Australia), so make sure to get your bets in before then.


Joker Jackpot

The Swiss Lotto also features an extra bonus game called the Joker game. You can bet on up to three lines for the Joker game by ticking the boxes at the bottom of the screen. The Joker game will give you a second chance to win on a separate draw, with a Joker Jackpot which often runs into millions of euros. Betting on the Joker Jackpot game costs an additional $2.75, but you must bet on the main Lotto game in order to be able to bet on the Joker game.


RePLAY Money Back Chance

Another nice little feature with the Swiss Lotto is the RePLAY function. Select a number from 1 to 13 in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. If your RePLAY number matches the ‘R’ number drawn from the main jackpot draw, then you get your stake back. Best of all, there is absolutely no extra charge for using the RePLAY function.


Find Out if You Won

As usual, you will automatically receive your personal results by e-mail from Lottoland so you never need to worry about misplaced tickets or having to scour the net for the results. You can also check results as well as bet on any lottery wherever you are with the Lottoland App - available for iPhone and Android Smartphones. Any winnings will automatically be added to your player account. 


Swiss Lotto at Lottoland

That’s just about all you need to know… and a whole article about a lottery from Switzerland without a mention of cuckoo clocks, Swiss cheese, chocolate and ban… (no that’s not right, we did mention the banks). Either way, you can place a bet on the Swiss Lotto today to take advantage of one of Europe’s most generous lotteries!