14 February 2017

Another Lucky Australian Winner!

Queensland Man Wins US Power on His First Game at Lottoland!

This lucky man will never forget his first time! He just scooped $65,000 betting on last Thursday’s draw of the American lottery US Powerball - his first ever bet on US Powerball at Lottoland!

And the list of lottery winners at Lottoland Australia just keeps getting bigger and bigger…

Queensland Man Wins US Power on His First Game at Lottoland!

It seems like Australians are just meant to win US Power! After last year’s lucky wave in US Power, when two Lottoland players won big (a man, and then a woman, both from NSW), we just had another lucky winner betting on the same American lottery!

The player is from Queensland and he wishes to remain anonymous, therefore no details about his identity will be revealed in this article - yes, at Lottoland we take players' privacy very serious and do not publish any information without their consent.

Beginner’s Luck?

The 52-year-old man joined Lottoland in December 2016, but decided to make his first bets just a few days ago, in early February. Little did he know his first bet on US Power ever to be purchased at Lottoland would be a very lucky one!

After his first purchase of 6 games on US MegaMillions a few days earlier he scooped an incredible $65,502.91 with just one bet for US Power for $5! How about that for return of investment?

The lucky man from Queensland matched 4 main numbers, plus the P Ball, which entitled him to a Division 3 prize.


Here are his lucky numbers: 14, 20, 30, 49, 66 -  P Ball : 5

Here are the drawn numbers: 14, 20, 42, 49, 66 -  P Ball : 5

You probably already realized that he only missed the big jackpot by ONE number: by matching 5 numbers + the P Ball he would have scooped a $334 million*  jackpot!


Check out the moment when the numbers were drawn:


Congratulations to our new player from Queensland! We hope you enjoyed your “welcome present” and we hope this is the first of many wins still to come –  no, we don’t believe in “beginner’s luck”, just in LUCK!


How US Power Works

US Powerball is an American lottery that holds the most record jackpots of any lottery in the world, including the most recent world record: a  $1.58 billion* USD (more than $2 billion Aussie dollars) jackpot, from January 2016. 

To win the first prize you need to match 5 from 69 regular numbers plus 1 P Ball from 1 to 26. Besides the jackpot, there are eight more prize divisions. The chances of winning at least a 9th division prize is 1 in 55.

Since 2016, thanks to Lottoland, Australians can also have a bite of the amazing prizes paid out weekly by this giant American lottery! You can bet on the results of US Powerball and, with a few clicks, be the next Australian US Power winner!

Have a go at US Power today!