08 May 2017

How to Win the Tuesday Jackpot

Oz Lotto - Everything There Is to Know

On November 6, 2012, Oz Lotto created Australian lotto history when it broke the record for the biggest ever Australian lottery jackpot. Four very lucky Australians became instant mega-millionaires when they shared in the mammoth $111,972,151.04 Division 1 prize. That’s a massive $28 million for each winner! Since then, Oz Lotto has continued to deliver massive jackpots and set up many Australians for life. With a draw every Tuesday night, it’s time to grab your share! 

Oz Lotto - Everything There Is to Know

How to Win the Jackpot

To win the Oz Lotto jackpot, you need to pick 7 numbers between 1 and 45 and match those 7 numbers with the first 7 main numbers drawn.

Two additional supplementary numbers are drawn to provide extra chances of winning some of the lower division prizes. For example, if you match just 3 main draw numbers and 1 supplementary number, your bet wins a prize.

While the odds of winning the Division 1 prize are 1 : 45,379,620, the odds of winning any prize with a single bet are much smaller at 1 : 55. Those odds shorten to 1 : 8 if you bet on 12 combinations of numbers in the same draw.

Oz Lotto Prize Division Oz Lotto Winning Combinations
Division 1 7 Winning Numbers
Division 2 6 Winning Numbers + 1 Supplementary Number
Division 3 6 Winning Numbers
Division 4 5 Winning Numbers + 1 Supplementary Number
Division 5 5 Winning Numbers
Division 6 4 Winning Numbers
Division 7 3 Winning Numbers + 1 Supplementary Number


Oz Lotto Hot and Cold Numbers

Many lotto players like to include most frequent (hot) numbers in their bets, while others believe that the least frequent (cold) numbers that are overdue to come out!

Since draw number 609 in 2005 (the first draw with 7 numbers), the most popular or hottest main draw number is the number 33, having appeared an astonishing 108 times. The least popular or coldest main number is the number 10, which has appeared only 72 times.

Hot Oz Lotto main numbers:

  • 33 (108 times)
  • 25 (107 times)
  • 27 (106 times)
  • 2 (106 times)
  • 28 (105 times)
  • 17 (104 times)
  • and number 29 (103 times)

Cold Oz Lotto main numbers:

  • 10 (72 times)
  • 38 (80 times)
  • 30 (81 times)
  • 42 (82 times)
  • 14 (82 times)
  • 13 (82 times)
  • and 11 (84 times)


How to Bet on Oz Lotto

At Lottoland, there’s several simple ways to bet on Oz Lotto.

The easiest way is to select a 12 game, 24 game or 36 game Quicky bet. Quickies are randomly selected numbers that help take the effort and hassle out of trying to pick your winning numbers.

TUE Lotto Quicky Bets

If you do wish to select your own numbers, you can edit one or all of the games in your Quicky bet once you’ve added it to your cart. Alternatively, you can pick your own numbers on the bet slip by manually selecting them for each game. Each single standard bet costs just $1.20.


Bet on Oz Lotto with System Bets

System bets allow you to play more numbers than a standard bet, which in turn gives you more number combinations and hence increases your chances of hitting the jackpot. For instance, a standard Oz Lotto bet includes 7 numbers and just one possible winning combination. But if you were to buy a 10 number system bet – a Lottoland player favourite – you then have 120 possible combinations of hitting the jackpot. Get a group of friends together and buy a 12 number system bet and you’ll have 792 possible winning combinations!

Because you’re getting more combinations, system bets cost more than regular bets. The table below details the cost of different system bets and how many winning combinations each system bet offers.

To place an Oz Lotto system bet, keep adding your desired numbers above the regular 7 numbers you would normally choose in a standard game. Once you select more than 7 numbers in a game, you will be notified that you have activated a system bet and the cost of the bet will be automatically calculated for you.

System Bet Equivalent Standard Games Cost
System 8 8 $9.60
System 9 36 $43.20
System 10 120 $144.00
System 11 330 $396.00
System 12 792 $950.40
System 13 1,716 $2,059.20
System 14 3,432 $4,118.40
System 15 6,435 $7,722.00


Oz Lotto Betting Syndicates

Another way to maximise your chances of winning the Tuesday Lotto is to buy a share in a syndicate. By anonymously pooling your money with other Lottoland players, you become involved in more potentially winning number combinations and therefore have a greater chance of hitting the jackpot. Simply choose which Tuesday Lotto syndicate you wish to play and how many shares you wish to purchase.


Subscriptions: Never Miss a Draw Again

We’ve all heard the story of the lotto player who religiously played the lottery with the same set of numbers every week, except for that one week they forgot to buy their ticket and of course, their numbers came up! Could you think of a worse feeling?

Lottoland’s subscription feature allows you the option of setting up a repeat bet or bets on the Oz Lotto so that you never have to miss out on a draw again. You can select how long you would like your subscription to last and opt out at any time and cancel your subscription in your player account.


Bet on Oz Lotto with the Lottoland App

The Lottoland App is free to download and simple to use. Win millions on your mobile while you’re on the go! The App is available for your iPhone or Android smartphone


When Does the Oz Lotto Draw Take Place?

Oz Lotto’s official draw takes place every Tuesday night at 8.30pm AEST / 9.30pm AEDT. You can watch the draw live on Channel Seven’s digital channel, 7TWO. Lottoland publishes the official Tattslotto Oz Lotto results shortly after the draws on the Oz Lotto Results page.