13 February 2017

We’ve Increased all our Australian Jackpots By $1 Million

ONE MILLION More Reasons to Bet with Lottoland!

Your lottery bets are about to get more interesting. We’ve decided to top up all Australian jackpots on our site by $1 million – just to spice things up a little. Check out the details of this exclusive promotion that will give you even more reasons to bet with Lottoland!

ONE MILLION More Reasons to Bet with Lottoland!

‘One Million Reasons’: How Does It Work?

Starting today, all jackpots from Australian lotteries will be automatically increased by $1 million over the official amount! So, for example, if this week’s Thursday Lotto jackpot is $3 million, with Lottoland you will bet for $4 million instead!

This promotion is for limited time only! So read on to find out more details – SPOILER ALERT: No, it does not cost anything extra!


1. Which Lotteries Are Participating in the Promotion?

The promotion is valid for all Australian jackpots: MON & WED Lotto, TUE Lotto, THU Lotto and SAT Lotto.


2. Do I Need to Do Anything to Activate the Promotion? Is There Any Extra Cost?

No and no. Whenever you place your bet on any Australian lottery you will be automatically betting for the topped-up jackpot (official amount + $1 million). The game costs exactly the same as before, with no extra fees or added costs.


3. Can I Still Activate the Double Jackpot Feature? How Would It Work Then?

Yes, you can still activate the Double Jackpot feature on your bet slip and double the amount of the jackpot you are betting for. The good news is: the jackpot which will be doubled is already the topped-up amount, you will get $2 million more in the end, if you win.

So, for example, let’s say you want to play TUE Lotto, which has an official jackpot of $2 million for the next draw. In Lottoland, the jackpot you would be betting for is $3 million as per the promotion. If you activate the Double Jackpot feature, you will be betting for a $6 million jackpot, instead of the original $2 million!

Small jackpots? Not at Lottoland!


4. Can I Still Shield My Numbers?

Yes, the special feature NumberShield is also applicable to the topped-up jackpots. Let’s say you used the NumberShield on your bet for the next TUE Lotto draw (official jackpot: $2 million).

If you win with Lottoland you will be paid $3 million, independently of the number of first division winners – whereas everyone else will have to divide a $2 million jackpot!


5. Is the Promotion Also Valid for Superdraws?

Yes! On February 18, for example, there’s a Superdraw with a $20 million jackpot up for grabs. Except when you bet with Lottoland: then you will be betting for $21 million instead – and, of course, paying no extra fees for that!

Other Reasons to Bet with Lottoland

At Lottoland we don't just want to give you huge prizes, we want you to enjoy huge savings too. So, in addition to our promotions, here are some things that only Lottoland can offer:

1. We have the cheapest prices per game. And we also HATE hidden fees. Whether betting on national or on international lotteries, we beat all prices per online bet in the market. And the price you see is the price you pay: the amount you pay per game includes it all –with NO hidden fees or added costs of any kind.

2. No obligation, no limits. We don’t stablish a minimum number of games. Bet only one game if you like! After all it’s not every day that we’re feeling lucky. Participate only when you want to. You will be able to purchase your bet(s) independently of its final value!

3. Access from anywhere, 24/7. From your mobile or from your desktop, you can make your bets whenever you wish: in the middle of the night, on your holidays, on the bus going to work. We never close and we're always at your fingertips (especially if you’ve installed our app).

4. No need to check numbers, your wins are deposited automatically. As soon as you submit a game you will receive your confirmed bets via e-mail and, if you win, you will immediately see your winnings in your players’ account, ready to be transferred to your bank account whenever you wish. No more lost tickets or long drives to collect prizes!

How Does Betting with Lottoland Work?

You might be wondering if all this is too good to be truth or how come we can just increase jackpots as we wish. So, let’s first understand how Lottoland works:

When you bet with Lottoland you are not buying a ticket for the official lottery, but betting on the outcome of a lottery (know more about Lotto Betting). If you win, you will receive the amount you would have won, had you purchased an entry in the official Australian lottery for that draw; or, for the duration of this promotion, $1 million more than the official jackpot!

You will be paid directly by Lottoland. That’s why we have the freedom to customize our jackpots and offer exclusive benefits like the Double Jackpot feature, our Special Jackpots, the NumberShield function and voilà, jackpots worth $1 million more!

Have a go on your favourite lottery today with Lottoland and have a million reasons more to celebrate when you hit the jackpot!