19 September 2016

We’ve got Another Australian Winner!

Mother-of-four Wins US Power with Lottoland

We did it again! Another lucky player just joined our growing family of Australian Lottoland winners! The happy winner, this time, is a woman from NSW who scooped $66,909 in US Power. She decided to remain anonymous but agreed to concede us a short interview – which blew our minds!

Check out the beautiful story of this mother-of-four who had her life changed last Thursday!

Mother-of-four Wins US Power with Lottoland

September 15th of 2016 will be forever a special day for L. and her family. That’s the day when she matched 4 main numbers plus the P Ball in US Power, which entitled her to amazing $66,909.44 (division 3).

It started as a day like any other until she decided to check her e-mails and couldn’t believe what she was seeing. Betting regularly with Lottoland since August 2016, L. never imagined that, that email from Lottoland came with news that would change her life!

She did it. She won! Her lucky numbers were 10, 11, 23, 28 and 31, plus the P Ball 14.

The 63-year-old woman lives in NSW with her four children and her husband, who has recently been very ill. Her youngest daughter also needs special care, since she has suffered a severe injury and is now wheelchair bound. L. had to give up work to become a full-time carer for her family – and that’s when the bills started piling up.

Needless to say, she was over the moon with the news! Check out this interview where she told us how she scooped this US Power prize, what was her first reaction and her advice for other Lottoland players:

Q: First of all, congratulations for winning this amazing prize! How did you learn about Lottoland? And why did you choose to bet with us?

L: I started betting online after seeing Lottoland advertised on television. I decided to bet on your website because it is very convenient and easy to use!

Q: How did you learn of your win and how did you react?

L: I learned of my win via email and was very surprised. I first thought it was a smaller amount initially… I was so shocked when I realised how much I actually won. I didn't think it was true!

Q: Whom did you tell about your winnings?

L: I first rang my husband and told him I thought I had won. He was very pleased for me, of course! I rechecked on the Lottoland site and realised it was true! Both he and my daughter were very pleased and excited.

Q: Did you choose your numbers for a reason or were they completely random?

L: No, I didn’t choose them. I used Lottoland’s Quicky, which automatically picked the numbers for me.

Q: What are your plans with the money?

L: First I will definitely pay my bills! Then I think I will put most of it aside for a while. And some I will use to plan a holiday with my family.

Q: What did you like most about Lottoland? Do you have any advice to other Lottoland players?

L: Lottoland is so easy and secure! You can bet on any lottery both in Australia or overseas and it is secure. Everyone at Lottoland has been very nice to deal with, and the process was very professional and safe. I would certainly recommend you keep playing with Lottoland!

Thank you, L., for telling us a bit about your story! We, from Lottoland, wish you all the best and that, next time, you scoop the jackpot with us!


2016 has been definitely a good year for Lottoland players! It started in January when we had a $2 million USD winner, also for US Power. Then, in March, a lucky Lottoland player from Germany hit the jackpot of the famous German lottery 6aus49, cashing in $21 million! Not long after that, we made another happy millionaire in Germany, on the same lottery. This time, we paid out our record jackpot: $34.6 million!

Not to mention the thousands of smaller prizes we have been paying out every week, like those $67,617.60 we paid out to our Australian US Power winner from June.

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