13 April 2016

More lucky players win big

Lottoland Winners Roundup April 2016

Lottoland has only been available in Australia since the end of last year, but already we’re starting to see some big wins as more and more players beat the odds. We’re proud to announce yet another.

Lottoland Winners Roundup April 2016

One lucky Australian lady, named Angela, has just won $15,000 betting with Lottoland.

She wishes to remain anonymous, so we can’t give much away, other than that she is 55 years old, from Victoria and won her prize in the Tuesday Lotto.

Angela’s win came on March 22nd, which had the winning numbers 1, 9, 17, 19, 32, 37, 38 plus supplementary numbers 22 & 41.

Her victory came after picking her own numbers and purchasing a System 9 bet for $43.20, which gave her 36 combinations. (Yet another practical example of why you should use system bets.)

She learned about her win after receiving her win notification email. Later we called her to congratulate her (as we do with all our big winners) and she told us she would save half of the money and use the other half to pay off some bills.

It comes just two months after another Australian woman, from ACT this time, won $11,500 on the Saturday Lotto

Danke Schoen

Meanwhile, in Germany, one lucky player won over €3.15 million (approx. $4.74 million) betting on the German Lotto.

Once again the player opted to remain anonymous and, in typical Teutonic style, declared no desire to quit working.

“I’m working since I was fourteen years old, almost daily, for 10-12 hours or more. Being an installer is a really hard job. So I don’t imagine anyone can truly understand how great it is that I now I can do something for myself.”

So, if he’s not going to retire what’s his dream?

“I want to set up a holiday house in the South of Europe for those who love nature and good, healthy food – I want to run my own farm, and make my own olive oil.”

Gross Profits

The win comes shortly after Lottoland had an important visitor, yet another German winner, who won approx. $21 million and came to visit Lottoland HQ for his official award ceremony.

And prior to that Germany also scored some major wins betting on the American Powerball and the Spanish Christmas lottery.

Germany was one of Lottoland’s first markets and remains its most popular by player volume. As a result, much like in the world of soccer, they top the Lottoland leaderboard.

But nobody can stay on top of the leaderboard forever.

So, if you fancy trying something new well – Das ist Gut! (That’s German for “That is good!”) - have a go at the German Lotto!