31 October 2016

“Never Give up Hope”

Lottoland Winner of Small Prizes Now Takes Home over $300,000!

Have you ever won a lottery prize? If you still haven’t, you are not alone. Most people are just not as lucky as our most recent winner, who won several smaller prizes in Lottoland over the past months, and now is cashing in over $300,000!

Meet Lottoland’s latest lucky winner and her advice to lottery players!


Lottoland Winner of Small Prizes Now Takes Home over $300,000!

And luck strikes again in Lottoland! The “victim” this time is N., a very lucky NSW resident who won two prize divisions betting on October 26th's  SuperEnalotto's  draw.

The 43-year-old-woman made six games and, in one of them, using Lottoland’s Quicky, she matched 5 of the 6 winning numbers, missing the $231 million jackpot by 1 number only!

But her matches entitled her with the third division prize: an amazing $311,958.71!

And a little icing on the cake - why not: N. also matched 2 numbers in another bet ( 6th prize division) which paid out $ 7.92! In total she cashed in $311,966.63, with an investment of only $12 - which is a six games bet for SuperEnalotto.

But N.’s history of luck in Lottoland goes way back! Since she first registered on the website, in January 2016, she won several cash prizes. Her strategy resembles the one used by our Queensland winner from early October: betting often and diversifying her games, by choosing smaller and bigger lotteries from all over the world!

What Is SuperEnalotto?

One of the biggest lotteries in Italy, SuperEnalotto is a top-seller in Lottoland because of its huge jackpots and affordable prices.  With only $2 per game and 3 draws a week (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays), you can bet for jackpots starting at $2 million, which can go as high as $275 million!

By matching 6 out of 90 numbers you hit the jackpot, but there are other 4 prize divisions, with excellent money prizes. Like N.’s third division prize that will probably be a great addition to her bank account!

Our Latest Lottoland Winners

Hard to keep track of all the big Australian winners we had lately in Lottoland? So let’s recap:

The last quarter of 2016 began with an amazing (and well deserved) win in September: a 63-year-old mother from NSW won the third prize division of US Power with Lottoland and cashed in $66,909! She was only betting with Lottoland for about one month and won a prize that changed her life, and that of her family.

Just two weeks after that, a man from Queensland matched 6 numbers on Thursday Lotto and won $196,660 correspondent to the second prize division! Not to mention all the smaller prizes we pay out daily to over 380,000 Australian players.

And now, this lucky woman from NSW takes home $311,966.63 from the biggest lottery in Italy!

“You Have to Be in It to Win It, and Never Give up Hope!”

This is N.’s advice to all Lottoland players, when asked if she would like to share any tips to our lotto community. After all, this is what all lottery winners have in common: persistence, faith, and lots of luck!

As you can see, every couple of weeks we celebrate a big win in Australia, and the prizes just get bigger and bigger with every win. Will our next big payout reach the million-dollar mark? Or, more importantly, will YOU be the one we will be writing about next time?

There’s only one way to know! Help yourself with our exquisite menu of international and national lotteries and bet now for a chance to be Lottoland’s next millionaire!