07 December 2016

Will an Aussie be one of the El Gordo Millionaires this Year?

Lottoland Winner in 2015 Spanish Christmas Lottery

It’s that time of the year again, and as the Christmas lights go on, we start the countdown for the Spanish Christmas Lottery here at Lottoland! Not only because of the amazing $3.2 BILLION prize pool for this year, but especially because luck seems to have chosen Lottoland as THE place to bet on the Spanish Christmas Lottery: last year one of our players scooped an incredible $6 million jackpot!

Check out the interview with Lottoland’s El Gordo millionaire from last year and get inspired! Will this year’s big jackpot be hit by an Aussie player?


Lottoland Winner in 2015 Spanish Christmas Lottery

On December 23rd last year, the day after the Christmas Lottery draw, Lottoland was proudly announcing that one of our players scooped the grand prize (or “El Gordo”, as the Spanish call it) on the biggest lottery event of the year!

With the winning numbers 79140, the lucky man from Wolfsburg, Germany, won a massive €4 million jackpot (approx. $6 million). Can you think of a nicer present to receive just days before Christmas?

Christmas time last year was a very busy time for Lottoland staff, who worked nonstop on messaging the hundreds of winners we had for the Spanish Christmas Lottery!  And this year, we are preparing ourselves to work even harder!

Now that Australians can also take part in this unique Christmas draw, the number of Lottoland players that will receive a nice windfall as a pre-Christmas gift will probably be even bigger this year! Will the “El Gordo” 2016 be won by someone in Australia?

Lottoland’s El Gordo Millionaire from Last Year Speaks His Mind: “I Simply Could Not Believe It!”

Our 2015 jackpot winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, told us back then that he learned about Lottoland while searching for a way to play El Gordo online. He'd heard about it from an acquaintance, who had profited from playing in the past, and so he was eager to try it out for himself.

“I like that it's a classic, raffle-style lottery. I like the passion and pageantry that goes along with it. Best of all, of course, is that $3 billion prize pool – that's just incredible really.”

Before the draw last year, our winner wasted no time on recruiting others and, together with his wife and three others, formed a mini syndicate of five to purchase a full Spanish Christmas Lottery ticket. Each player selected one lucky number each, to make the full ticket number.

“When I got the win notification I had butterflies in my stomach. I simply could not believe it.” Meanwhile, everyone else was still at work, so he had to wait until he could share in the excitement. When asked specifically if he had any plans with his windfall, he mentioned that he was mulling a holiday, but again, in true German style, not without careful deliberation.

As a native of Wolfsburg, the home of Volkswagen, we also asked him whether he was considering upgrading Das Auto (German: the car) to something a little flashier in the new year. But it turns out, our EL Gordo millionaire prefers two wheels to four, more specifically touring bikes, and a boyish tone creeps into his voice while discussing the prospect of buying his BMW dream bike.

As for fellow lottery players, he offered a piece of advice: “Nothing ventured nothing gained. Lots of people say they'll never win the lottery, so, of course, they never do!

How Does the Spanish Christmas Lottery Work?

The Christmas lottery works more like a raffle than a lottery. There are no lottery balls, but rather tickets that are picked out of two huge containers, or drums – just like a raffle. 

Players purchase tickets and each ticket has a number between 00000 and 99999. You can buy shares of tickets, or gather a group of people and share a full ticket, like our winner from 2015 did. Each ticket is made up of 10 shares, meaning you can actually buy a single share of a ticket worth 1/10th of the total ticket and costs 1/10th the price. This also means that, should that ticket win, the winner gets 1/10th of the prize.

With unmatched 1 in 100,000 odds of winning a €4 million (approx. $6 million) jackpot, it is no wonder why the Spanish Christmas Lottery is such a worldwide phenomenon! Even winning one of the 1,794 smaller prizes worth €1,000 each (approx. $1,400) makes a nice pre-Christmas present. Additionally, there are over 10,000 other prizes worth between €200 (approx. $280) and €40,000 (approx. $56,000) which account the remainder of the prize money.

From Spain to Australia: Now We Can also Bet at El Gordo!

The Spanish Christmas Lottery, or Sorteo Extraordinario de Navidad, is the world’s biggest lottery. We are talking about a prize pool never seen before in our country - approx. $3.2 billion – and incredible odds of winning a significant amount of money!

Until quite recently all we could do is watch in envy, as news of huge wins made headlines worldwide. But the good news is, now, thanks to Lottoland, players from Australia can bet on the results online and win huge prizes too! So, don't miss your chance!

Bet on the Spanish Christmas Lottery and make headlines yourself as the first Australian to win El Gordo!