08 June 2017

Limited Time Only: Have $1 Million On Us

Lottoland Boosts All Australian Jackpots by $1 Million

You hit the jackpot, and then Lottoland goes and gives you an extra $1 million! What would you do with it? Start dreaming, because for a limited time, Lottoland is boosting the Division 1 prize of all Australian lotteries by an additional $1 million!

Lottoland Boosts All Australian Jackpots by $1 Million

We could all do with an extra $1 million in our lives couldn’t we? Imagine being able to instantly pay off the credit card, complete those long overdue house renovations and share some cash around with family and friends. Well, Lottoland wants to give you $1 million to take care of all those things and more. For a limited time, Lottoland is topping up all Australian jackpots by $1 million. That’s one million more reasons to bet with Lottoland when you’re having a punt on an Australian lottery!


How to Spend Your Extra $1 Million

So now that you’re aware Lottoland is adding an extra $1 million to the jackpot pool of all Australian lotteries, the question begs, would you tell your family and friends about the extra $1 million you’d won or just keep it to yourself? Hmmm, that’s a tricky one. Lottoland wants you to have the additional $1 million to spend on those things that need taking care of before you decide what to do with the official jackpot, so what you do with the extra cash is up to you! Here’s some suggestions for what you could do with the bonus $1 million up for grabs courtesy of Lottoland’s million dollar Australian jackpot boost.


1. Pay Off Your Mortgage and Other Debts

Imagine being able to instantly wipe your mortgage, credit card and any other debts. An extra $1 million would come in very handy here!

2. Splash Some Cash on Family And Friends

After you’ve taken care of yourself, there should be plenty of the $1 million left over to share with your nearest and dearest. You might be able to pay off some of their mortgages and credit cards too!

3. Donate To Charity

Imagine being in a position to donate up to $1 million to your favourite charity. Remember, this $1 million is on top of the official Division 1 prize you would have won, so if you’re feeling generous, why not?

4. Set Up an Account For Your Kids’/Grandkids’ Education

An education can be extremely expensive these days, but you can pay their way through school AND university with your extra $1 million. Set up a separate account that can be used solely on your kids’ and/or grandkids’ education.

5. Shout The Bar Like Singo

Why not throw the mother of all parties to celebrate your lottery win? With up to a $1 million extra to spend on celebrations, unless you go completely crazy you will still have the entire official jackpot you won when you wake up the next morning! Think fireworks, ice sculptures, lobsters and an open bar. In fact with your extra $1 million, you could probably shout the entire public bar at Rosehill Racecourse like Aussie larrikin John Singleton did after his horse Belle Du Jour won the 1999 Golden Slipper. Now there’s another thought. You could buy a racehorse or five with your extra $1 million!


How Much Does It Cost to Bet For an Extra Million?

Don’t worry, it costs NOTHING extra to be involved. For the length of the promotion, every time you place a bet on an Australian lottery you will automatically be betting for the boosted Division 1 prize (official amount + $1 million). Your bet costs exactly the same as it did before the promotion.


How to Transform Thursday’s $15 Million Jackpot Into a $32 Million Jackpot!

Lottoland’s exclusive DoubleJackpot feature is also available to use in conjunction with the $1 million boost to Australian lottery jackpots promotion. This means you can turn the official jackpot into a whole lot more!

Take this coming Thursday’s Lotto for example. The official jackpot is $15 million. Place your Thursday Lotto bet with Lottoland though and you’re instantly betting for $16 million (official jackpot + $1 million). If you’re feeling extra lucky you can then activate the DoubleJackpot feature and all of a sudden, you’ve turned the official $15 million jackpot into a $32 million jackpot ($15 million official jackpot + $1 million Lottoland Boost x 2 for DoubleJackpot = $32 million). Small jackpots have no place at Lottoland!

To activate DoubleJackpot, simply tick the box before adding the bet to your cart. Because you’re betting for double what the jackpot would have otherwise been, the DoubleJackpot feature does cost a little more per bet.