23 February 2017

Looking for a Good Lotto App?

Lottoland App: the Ultimate Guide!

What if the biggest jackpots in the world were literally at your fingertips wherever you go, and the results of your lottery games were sent straight to your phone, with a notification every time you win? If you still don’t know how it feels to have the lottery experience on the go, it’s time to install the Lottoland App on your phone!


Check out this guide about our lotto app and prepare to place your bets with a few touches on your screen. Welcome to the future!


Lottoland App: the Ultimate Guide!

No one wants to stop their busy lives to ran errands which, nowadays, can easily be solved via smartphone. On the train or during a cigarette break you can easily pay your bills, schedule doctor appointments, shop… 

And now betting on the lottery has also become mobile! You can have the same great Lottoland experience on your Android or Apple phone, wherever you are! A clean interface, full access to your account, notifications of huge jackpots and special offers for app users, and easy contact to our customer service are just some of the advantages of having this lotto app on your phone. 

Read on this guide to find out how to take full advantage of your Lottoland app!

Sign in to Your Account and Withdraw Winnings from Wherever You Are

Start your mobile-lotto experience by logging into your player account. Simply click on the top right corner of the app and sign in with your usual username and password.

Lottoland App: the Ultimate Guide!


On the navigation menu, go to “My Account” (see below image, white mobile) to access your settings, check your history, transactions and winnings. What’s more, the app also allows you to deposit new credits into your player account or request a withdraw, whenever you want!

Choose Your Games by Jackpot Amount, Draw Time or Name

Now it’s time to choose your lottery games! On the navigation menu you can select the options “Australian Lottos” or “World Lottos”, to open the complete list of lotteries available.

You will find direct access to our most popular lotteries on the navigation menu.

Lottoland App: the Ultimate Guide!


Not sure which lotto you fancy? You can easily search our huge range of lotteries by jackpot amount, closing time or name, and decide which one is best for you. Simply open the list of your choice and sort the available lotteries by jackpot amount, by closing time or by its name.

Lottoland App: the Ultimate Guide!


Pick Your Numbers Manually or with a Quicky

Once you’ve selected the lottery you will be betting on, it’s time to fill in your betslip. Pick your lucky numbers or bet with a Quicky by tapping on “Add Quicky” and the system will generate random numbers for you.

Lottoland App: the Ultimate Guide!

Or if you wish, you can manually select your numbers by tapping on the pencil icon on the right.

Just like on the website, you can activate special features to your bets like Double Your Jackpot (available for most lotteries). Simply tick the box with this option and you will be after the double of the official jackpot!

You can also activate the Subscription option and your bets will be bet on all upcoming draws until you decide to cancel it.

To confirm your games, click on “Purchase now” or pick the payment method of your choice. 

Receive Notifications about Your Winnings and Big Jackpots

After you submitted your games just sit back and relax. If you win anything you will be notified via e-mail, so there’s no need to stress over checking results or missing out on winnings!

And never miss a big jackpot again! We will notify you about big jackpots for that day and draws that are about to close, so you don’t miss the chance to win.


Need Help? Contact Us!

Just like on the website, on the app you also have direct contact to our Costumer Care service. Just by tapping on the e-mail address [email protected], as displayed on the app, you can send out your queries and we will get in touch with your shortly.

Time to embrace the future and carry your Lottoland experience on your mobile! Download the app and start winning the lotto from wherever you are.