14 July 2016

Lots of Exciting Jackpots at Lottoland

Lotteries of the World Part One

Our aim at Lottoland is to give you as much choice as possible with all the world's best lotteries to bet on and a new jackpot to be won each day. So in this series we're going to take a look at these exciting new lotteries in more detail to help you familiarise yourself with them more.

Lotteries of the World Part One

The World Is Lottoland

In case there was ever any doubt that Lottoland is the leading lottery betting provider, here, to kick things off, are two overseas lotteries for Australian players: Brazil's exotic Mega Sena and the icy cool Swedish Lotto. 

Lotteries Of The World Part One

Mega Sena – From Brazil

Brazil's biggest national lottery has generated lots of press last year due to its massive rolling jackpot which was finally won on Sunday the 14th of June 2015. And I'm sure whoever won it is still dancing the Samba. 

Mega Sena is something of a cultural phenomenon in its native Brazil. It costs just $2.50 to play and has record jackpots of approx. $47 million for regular draws and $92 million for its annual superdraw the Mega Da Virada.

To play you just pick numbers from 1 to 60 as you try to win from one of three prize divisions. The odds of hitting the jackpot are 1 : 50,063,860, which are quite high, but then generally so are the jackpots. 

Get Some Sunshine In Your Life – Bet on the Brazilian Lottery




Lotteries Of The World Part One

Lotto – From Sweden

Looking for a cheap and simple lotto where you can win big jackpots? Or are you instead looking for a more nuanced game that gives you great odds and lots of different chances to win prizes?

Either way then the Swedish Lotto is the game for you.

Draws are held twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays in Europe. There's a regular draw and then, straight after, a second Lotto 2 draw. The Swedish Lotto also has an added bonus game, the Drömvinsten, or "dream win", which you can also chose to play to maximise your chances of winning a cash prize. So overall the Swedish Lotto gives you get three chances to win big.

A simple game costs just $1.50 or, with the Lotto2 game added (the default option), $3. The extra "dream win" game costs a minimum of $1, which is also added by default. We do this because it's how the game in Sweden is played. If we didn't do this our Swedish players would look at us funny - and Dolph Lundgren would get angry. 

Unlike in Sweden, however, we give you the full freedom to choose which aspects of the game you wish to enable or disable. You can even up the ante on the bonus game to $3.00.

The Swedish Lotto is a 6/45 game with 5 prize divisions. The jackpot odds are 1: 6,724,520, which is fairly good odds for a lottery. Overall you have a 1 : 55 chance of winning any prize – but of course these odds get better if you add the extra draw and bonus game to your bets.

So, whichever way you want to go, cheap and cheerful, lucrative and elaborate, or anywhere in between, you'll find plenty to cheer about with the Swedish Lottery.

A Great All-Rounder – Bet on the Swedish Lotto




Always More Lotteries at Lottoland

So, lots and lots of Australian and International lotteries to bet on – and we're only getting started. Stay tuned for more updates in this series as we cover even more new lotteries, as well as other exciting new announcements in the pipeline at Lottoland.