17 October 2016

Want to Know How to Win the Lottery?

Learn How These People Beat the Lottery System

People are not without their flaws and neither are lotteries. While a lot of so-called tactics to win the lottery are little more than shams or ways to sell books, there are people who have found out legitimate ways of winning on the lottery. They accomplished this not with “systems” but rather by taking advantages of loopholes and through careful statistical analysis.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the people who managed to crack the lottery system! 

Learn How These People Beat the Lottery System

Maths Students Crunch the Numbers

Back in 2012, in the US, a group of university students made headlines when they found out a way to guarantee a win on the Massachusetts State Lottery. By then they had exploited the loophole for more than seven years and made over $8 million USD (approx. $10.5 million)!

Here’s how they did it; the group of students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology found that if the jackpot on the state’s Cash WinFall game rolled over to more than $2 million USD, a syndicate could get a guaranteed return on investment if they bought a huge amount of tickets.

This was made possible due to the increased value of lower prize tiers, making it a sure investment if you bought a large quantity of tickets. Purchasing tickets for a value of $600,000 (approx. $787,000) guaranteed a return of 15-20%. 

The group soon setup a network of ticket buyers, even getting investors on board to help them ramp up their operation to an industrial scale. But here’s the thing; lottery officials knew about this loophole as far back as 2005 and did absolutely nothing to stop it!

For any of you readers who are currently thinking about going into business, however, you can forget about it. The Cash WinFall was shut down in 2012, for obvious reasons.  


Toronto Statistician Cracks Scratchcard System

Mohan Srivastava is a Toronto geological statistician who figured out the workings behind a scratchcard noughts and crosses game.

As with other such winners, Srivastava used his mathematical knowledge to figure out underlying system behind the lottery. It all started when a friend gave him some of the scratchcards as a joke.  While scratching them the statistician’s attention soon landed on a noughts and crosses game on the ticket.

Having used his math skills to analyse the numerical patterns on the tickets, he was able to fairly accurately predict winners. In fact, in a display of his brilliance, he predicted 19 out of 20 winning cards.

But, despite these revelations, Srivasta’s Spock-like logical brain also concluded that he would make less on the lottery than he would his normal day job. So instead of taking advantage he reported his findings to lottery officials who took action and removed the game, and with it yet another opportunity for lottery players to beat the system.


Dublin Accountant Bests the Irish Lottery 

Another story that made headlines not only in Europe but also in Australia was the one of Stefan Klincewicz and his syndicate. Klincewicz is a Polish-Irish accountant who, back in the early 90s, found a more profitable way of crunching numbers. Back then the Irish Lotto was a 6/36 game with a very low cost per game. This meant that when the jackpot had rollover a certain number of times, its system could be exploited by buying a large quantity of tickets.

That’s exactly what Klincewicz, and his syndicate of 28 people, proceeded to do. The group prepared for half a year by writing down about 250,000 combinations. When a significantly large jackpot emerged in 1992 the syndicate made its move.

Despite the officials’ attempts to curb their efforts, the syndicate managed to get their hands on 80% of the winning tickets, spending an estimated $1.3 million in the process!

The group scooped up the jackpot in the draw, but apparently their luck was not as strong as their math: that draw had other two regular winners, so the syndicate only got a third of the jackpot.


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