31 May 2017

It's Only a Matter of Time Before an Australian Hits an American Jackpot

Just One Ball Away From $334Million*

It’s only a matter of time before an Australian hits the jackpot in one of America’s largest lotteries. One Queenslander was recently just a horse hair away from scooping the massive multi-million dollar US Power jackpot!

Just One Ball Away From $334Million*

How would you feel if you won $65k playing the lottery this week? Pretty good, right? Now imagine how you would feel when you realised you were just one number away from that $65k being a jaw-dropping $334 million*. Just one tiny ball away from having more money than you could possible know what to do with and never having to work another day in your life. Well, that’s exactly what happened to one lucky, or unlucky, Lottoland player recently with a just a single $5 bet in the massive US Power draw.

Learn more about this man’s story below and as the US Power jackpot builds towards the dizzying heights of USD $302 million* (approx. $406 million*), learn how you can get involved and increase your chances of landing the largest lottery win in Australian lottery betting history!


Just One Ball Away From $334 Million*

It’s hard to know what emotions you would experience after the initial excitement of winning $65k, followed by the realisation that if just one of your numbers was different, it could have been a mind-boggling $334 million*! Our lucky, or unlucky, Lottoland player placed just a single $5 bet on a recent US Power draw. It was the 52-year-old Queenslander’s first ever bet on the massive American lottery with Lottoland.

His numbers were 14, 20, 30, 49, 66 – P Ball : 5

The numbers were 14, 20, 42, 49, 66 – P Ball : 5

You’ve probably already guessed it. If his number 30 was instead a number 42, he would have scooped the massive US Power jackpot and would currently be living a life of a luxury. If for whatever reason he chose the number 42 in place of the number 30, instead of picking up the Division 3 prize of $65,502, he would have scooped approximately $334,000,000*! Just to be clear, that’s $334 million*! 


What Is US Power

US Powerball, the underlying lottery for US Power, is an American lottery that holds the world record for the biggest Division 1 prize pool of all time. In January 2016, the jackpot hit a staggering USD $1.6 billion! That’s over $2 billion Australian dollars! On that occasion, three lucky winners split the huge windfall. That draw also marked the first occasion Australians could bet on the American lottery following the launch of Lottoland downunder, and Aussies have been trying to win the mammoth jackpot ever since! Our Queensland friend above nearly, oh so very nearly, did it.


When Are the Official US Powerball Draws

The official US Powerball draws takes place twice a week, on Thursdays and Sundays at 1pm AEST/3PM AEDT. Results are published shortly after on our US Powerball Results page.

Be sure to place your bets early so you don’t miss out on the chance to win this massive US jackpot!