20 March 2017

All About the Irish Lotto

Irish Lotto - The Complete Betting Guide

It's far older than the UK Lotto, has been the subject of a popular movie and was also once "hacked" by a rather cunning mathematician. Through it all the Irish Lotto has endured and remains hugely popular with players both sides of the Irish Sea. 

Irish Lotto - The Complete Betting Guide

The Irish lottery was founded in 1987 and the Irish Lotto launched in March the following year. The first draw was held in April, which will make it exactly 29 years old on April 16th 2017.

Irish Lotto Numbers

The most common Irish Lotto numbers throughout those years are: 5, 8, 17, 19, 29, 31 and 39.

Conversely the least popular numbers are: 37, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44 and 45, though this largely reflects the changes made to the game over the years. It first launched as a 6/36, and more numbers were added over the years – and with good reason…

Irish Lotto - A Brief History

The Man Who "Hacked" The Irish Lottery

The Irish Lotto started out as a 6/36 game drawn each Saturday night. The midweek Wednesday draw was added in 1990.

In 1992 the lottery fell victim of a "hack" attack, of sorts when Dubliner, Stefan Klincewicz, a Polish-Irish accountant with an obvious knack for numbers, figured out a way to crack the system.

Klincewicz had worked out exactly how many tickets he would need to buy, in order to hit the jackpot and was waiting for the jackpot to reach grow large enough size whereby he could buy all the necessary tickets and still turn a profit after hitting the jackpot – turns out he'd been sitting on this plan for years.  

His syndicate started bulk buying tickets in huge amounts and won – each getting a tidy piece of the action.

As for the Irish Lotto, it was decided that the amount of playable numbers would be increased, to a 6/39 game and, later, the game saw numerous number increases and game changes. The most recent of these occurred in September 2015, when the numbers were increased from 45 to 47.

The highest jackpot to date is €18.9 million. It was won by a syndicate in 2008. In today's money that amounts to approx. $26.35 million. Following the 2015 rule change, however, it's estimated that that record be superseded in the very near future.

Irish Lotto - The Movie

1998 saw the release of the movie Waking Ned staring the late David Kelly. It told the story of fictional Irish Lotto winner Ned Devine, who dies of a heart attack after when he realises he's won. The village as a whole decide they should claim the prize anyway, "in his honour" and go to hilarious extremes trying to maintain the fraudulent notion that Ned is still alive. If you're a fan of madcap Irish humour, Father Ted style, then we recommend you check out this little comedy gem.

Irish Lottery in Australia

The Irish Lotto has been a firm favourite with UK lottery fans for decades now, albeit with serious limitations. Thanks to Lottoland, however, you can enjoy the exact same game experience – and payouts – that the Irish do, by betting on the Irish Lottery online in Australia.

Irish Lotto Odds

The odds of hitting the jackpot on the Irish Lotto are 10,737,573:1 and overall you have a one in 29 chance of winning any prize. 

Irish Lotto - How to Win

One of the keys to the Irish Lotto's popularity is, besides a favourable odds-to jackpot ratio, it's also a very simple game. Simply pick six numbers from a range of one to 47, or hit Quicky+1 for a random number selection, and then click the Submit button. Match six numbers to win the jackpot, or match numbers and/or bonus ball combinations to win from one of eight different prize tiers. 

Draws are held each Wednesday and Saturday night and, to increase your winning chances, we recommend you check the Irish Lotto+ box. This costs an extra $1 and gives you two extra chances to win in the ancillary Lotto Plus One and Lotto Plus Two draws.

This means, for just $3.50, you get three chances to win big betting on the lucky Irish Lotto