18 May 2017

Start the Week with a Bang!

How You Can Win Monday and Wednesday Lotto

It’s hard to think of a better way to beat the Monday blues than winning a million dollars. Or how about a jackpot to help you jump over hump day? With a history dating back nearly 40 years, Monday and Wednesday lotto have become about as Australian as a vegemite sandwich, or former Prime Minister Bob Hawke skolling a drink at the cricket. As you’ve probably already guessed, Monday and Wednesday lotto draws are held every Monday and Wednesday night, and give you the chance to become an instant millionaire. Here’s everything you need to know about Monday and Wednesday Lotto.

How You Can Win Monday and Wednesday Lotto


How to Win Monday and Wednesday Lotto

Monday and Wednesday Lotto each follow the same set of rules.

8 balls are drawn in each individual draw, with the first 6 of those balls being the main numbers. To win the Division 1 Jackpot, you must match 6 numbers in a single bet with the 6 main numbers drawn.

The additional two balls drawn are known as the supplementary numbers, and they help you win some of the lower division prizes.

Monday and Wednesday Lotto offer a guaranteed jackpot of $1 million each for up to four winners. If there’s more than 4 winners, $4 million is then divided equally between the numbers of winners.


Prize Division Required to Win
Division 1 6 Winning Numbers
Division 2 5 Winning Numbers + 1 or 2 Supplementary Numbers
Division 3 5 Winning Numbers
Division 4 4 Winning Numbers
Division 5 3 Winning Numbers + 1 or 2 Supplementary Numbers
Division 6 1 or 2 Winning Numbers + 2 Supplementary Numbers


The odds of winning the Monday or Wednesday Lotto Division 1 Jackpot are 1 : 8,145,060. The odds of winning any prize are 1 : 85.


Hot and Cold Numbers

A lot of people like to choose dates of birthdays and anniversaries when they pick their lotto numbers, but if you followed that formula for your Monday and Wednesday lotto picks, you would have missed out on the most popular (hottest) number over the last 9 years!

That’s because since 2008, the number 32 has been the hottest Monday and Wednesday Lotto main draw number, with 140 appearances. Compare that to the least popular (coldest) number - the number 2 - with just 98 appearances over the same period!

Hot Monday & Wednesday Lotto main numbers

  • 32 (140 times)
  • 4 (137 times)
  • 42 (136 times)
  • 7 (134 times)
  • 23 (132 times)
  • 13 & 39 (131 times each)


Cold Monday & Wednesday Lotto main numbers

  • 2 (98 times)
  • 17 (100 times)
  • 12 (102 times)
  • 9 & 36 (103 times each)
  • 6 (106 times)
  • 15 (107 times)


How to Bet on Monday and Wednesday Lotto

Having a bet on Monday and Wednesday Lotto at Lottoland is simple!

The easiest way is to select a Quicky (Quicky +1 button). Quickies are randomly selected numbers, which removes the pain of trying to pick your own.

Should you wish to select your own numbers though, there’s a very straight forward way to do this. You can pick your own numbers, along with the number of games you wish to play, on the Monday and Wednesday Lotto page before submitting the bet to your cart.

Each single standard bet for Monday and Wednesday Lotto costs just $0.60.


Monday and Wednesday Lotto System Bets

If you’re looking for a great way to maximise your chances of hitting the jackpot, look no further than system bets. Instead of playing with just 6 numbers per bet, system bets allow you to play with an more numbers per game! These extra numbers give you more potential combinations, thus increasing your chances of winning the big prize. For instance, a standard 6 number bet gives you just 1 potentially winning combination of scoring the Division 1 jackpot. However, betting with two extra numbers in a System 8 gives you 28 possible combinations! Add another two numbers and bet with a System 10, and you’re looking at 210 potentially life-changing combinations.

Because system bets increase your number of combinations, they do cost more than standard single game bets. The below table outlines how much system bets costs in Mon & Wed lotto and how many combinations each system bet provides.

System Bet Equivalent Standard Games Cost
System 7 7 $4.20
System 8 28 $16.80
System 9 84 $50.40
System 10 210 $126.00
System 11 462 $277.20
System 12 924 $554.40
System 13 1,716 $1,029.60
System 14 3,003 $1,801.80
System 15 5,005 $3,003.00
System 16 8,008 $4,804.80
System 17 12,376 $7,425.60
System 18 18,564 $11,138.40


Increase Your Chances of Winning with Betting Syndicates

Another great way to increase your chances of hitting the big one is to join a syndicate. By anonymously pooling your money with other Lottoland players, you become part of a group, or syndicate, that gives you exposure to more bets and more chances to win.

Simply head to the syndicate section, choose which syndicate you would like to join and how many shares you would like to buy, and Lottoland will handle the rest. Lottoland will divide the winnings and share them amongst the syndicate members.

Lottoland’s Aussie Express betting syndicate includes bets not only in Monday and Wednesday lotto, but Tuesday and Thursday lotto as well! It’s a great syndicate for those who want to have some skin in the game in the four main mid-week lotteries in Australia.


Monday and Wednesday Lotto Subscriptions

Never miss a draw again with Lottoland’s subscription feature! If you have a set of numbers you would like to bet week in week out, or a lottery draw you never like to miss, Lottoland’s subscribe feature allows you to set up your account to bet on these draws automatically. You can choose how many weeks you would like to subscribe to a draw for and you can opt out at any time. Lottoland will take care of the rest and ensure that you always have a bet in your favourite draw.


Download the Lottoland App

Want to win millions and check results on your mobile? Then download the free Lottoland App! Available for both iPhone and Android smart phones, the Lottoland App allows you to bet on your favourite Australian and International lotteries, while you’re on the go!


When Does Monday and Wednesday Lotto Take Place?

As you’ve probably guessed by now, Monday and Wednesday Lotto take place on a Monday and a Wednesday! The draw time is 8.30pm AEST/9.30pm AEDT. Lottoland publishes the official Tattslotto Monday and Wednesday Results shortly after the draw takes place.