22 September 2016

Low Jackpots? Here Is the Solution

How to Win Double the Jackpot

Isn't it annoying when your favourite lottery has a low jackpot for weeks in a row? If you are the kind of player who loves to go for huge jackpots and hates to wait for several draws to see if the prize rolls over, we have a solution for you.

Meet the Double Jackpot – another exclusive feature from Lottoland that will change your lotto experience forever! 

How to Win Double the Jackpot

It’s not a secret to anyone that Australians love lotteries! We have one for each day of the week and, let’s face it, if we had more, we would bet on them all. The only issue with our lotteries is, the jackpots are not always big enough especially when compared to some international lotteries.

Take Monday & Wednesday Lotto for example: good chances of winning (1 : 8,145,060) but the jackpot is only $1 million. Or even Oz Lotto, who holds Australia’s record of highest ever paid jackpot ($112 million) but has a starting pot of only $2 million - which means it could take forever for the jackpot to reach seven digits.

What if you could increase the amount of the jackpot you could win? Can you imagine betting on lotteries with their amazing odds of winning and for double the jackpot?

This is now possible with Lottoland’s Double Jackpot feature! Here is how it works:


How Do I Double My Jackpot?

The Double Jackpot feature couldn't be simpler; with the click of a button, you can multiply a jackpot by two, meaning you have the chance to win twice as much in the next draw!

For example, let’s say you want to bet on TUE Lotto next week, which offers a $2 million jackpot. By activating the Double Jackpot option on your bet slip, you'll instantly increase your personal TUE Lotto jackpot to a cool $4 million! 

How to play for DOUBLE the jackpot


When Can I Double My Jackpot?

Whenever you are betting on selected lotteries at Lottoland and you want to create your very own super-sized jackpot!

It's not restricted to one draw either. You can use it in as many games as you wish! With Double Jackpot activated you can customise your bet slip in all sorts of ways, giving you more chances to win your very own big jackpot.

Want a shot at several Double Jackpots? No problem, just ensure Double Jackpot is checked on your bet slip and then choose how many weeks you want it to run for.


How Much Does It Cost?

Double Jackpot costs double your stake. Not bad, when you consider how much extra cash you're loading onto the upcoming jackpot!


More Great Features on Lottoland

Double Jackpot is just one of many amazing features that are available for Lottoland customers.

You can also protect your numbers and guarantee that you won’t have to share a jackpot if you win! Just activate the Number Shield* and rest assured that even if there are other winners, you are taking home 100% of the jackpot!

And because we are obsessed with huge jackpots, we created Lottoland’s Special Jackpots. We boost our jackpots way beyond the levels of the main draw, giving you more chances to win bigger!

Plus, for those of you who never want to miss a draw, we created the Subscription: if you select this option on your bet slip, we will submit your games to all draws within the period of time that you’ve chosen, or until you cancel your Subscription.

*Number Shield and Double Jackpot cannot be activated for the same game


Try Our Double Jackpot Today

Try your luck today in Thursday Lotto or other Lottos available to bet on at Lottoland and don’t forget to activate the Double Jackpot feature!