30 May 2017

Maximise Your Potential $41M Tue Lotto Jackpot Win

How to Really Hit the Big Time with Tuesday Lotto - $41M

Oz Lotto the underlying lottery to Lottoland's Tuesday Lotto is regularly responsible for the biggest jackpots of the Australian lotteries. The popular Tuesday lotto holds the record for the largest ever Division 1 prize pool, when in November 2012 Australians played for the chance to win a massive $111,972,151.04. On that occasion, four players shared the mammoth jackpot and became instant mega-millionaires. Five years on, and as the Tue Lotto jackpot once again continues to build, there are now new features available so that if you were one of those lucky winners, you could have kept the whole $111,972,151.04 to yourself and not had to share a cent. Alternatively, you could have played for double that amount – a staggering $223,944,302.08. That’s over $220 million! Read on to learn how you can maximise your Tuesday Lotto win and keep every last penny to yourself.

How to Really Hit the Big Time with Tuesday Lotto - $41M


Introducing NumberShield – Exclusive to Lottoland!

You don’t share your weekly pay cheque with strangers, do you? So why share your lottery jackpot?

Picture this. You’ve been playing Tue Lotto consistently and without missing a draw for years, and finally your lucky combination comes up in the $20 million jackpot draw. You’re doing cartwheels, swinging from chandeliers and considering which harbourside mansion or boat to buy, until the news sets in that 19 others had the same numbers as you. Suddenly you’re $20 million windfall has been reduced to just $1 million!

It no longer has to be this way.

Lottoland’s exclusive NumberShield feature means that you can protect your numbers so that you never have to share your Division 1 prize again. Even if the jackpot is claimed by multiple winners, you will be paid out as though you were the only one with the winning combination. 


Double Your Winnings with DoubleJackpot!

Why play for $41 million when you can play for $82 million?

DoubleJackpot is another exclusive feature available only to Lottoland players. The appropriately named feature does exactly what it says on the tin – it allows you to have twice the fun and play for double the official jackpot in a selected lottery.

For instance, if the upcoming Australian Tuesday jackpot has reached a mouthwatering $41 million, with a simple tick of the DoubleJackpot box, you can be playing for an eye-bulging $82 million instead!

DoubleJackpot does cost a little more than a regular bet, but it could be a very small price to pay for the opportunity to be catapulted into an Australian rich list. 


Betting on Oz Lotto at Lottoland

There’s several simple ways to place your Tue Lotto bet online with Lottoland.

One of the easiest ways is to choose a 12 game, 24 game or 36 game Quicky bet. Quickies take the pain and hassle out of selecting your own numbers.

If you would like to select your own numbers though, you can easily edit one or all of the games in your Quicky bet. Alternatively, it’s simple to select your own numbers before adding your Tue Lotto bets to your cart.

Each single game bet costs $1.20. Or boost your chances of winning by joining one of our Tuesday Betting Syndicates!


Download the Lottoland App

Did you know you can win millions on your mobile? The Lottoland App is free to download and available for iPhone and Android smartphones. Download it today and get winning! 


When Does the Oz Lotto Draw Take Place?

The official Oz Lotto draw takes place every Tuesday night at 8:30pm AEST / 9:30 AEDT. The draw is available to watch live on the Seven Network’s digital channel, 7TWO. Find out if you won by checking the Oz Lotto Results. Good luck!