09 February 2016

Playing Online Is Easy and Hassle Free

How to Play the Lottery Online at Lottoland

Gone are the days when you’d simply go down to your local shop, buy your ticket and have a bit of a yarn with the shopkeeper. Everyone's in too much of a bloody hurry nowadays and when there's a big jackpot or Superdraw it often feels like you're in a scrum just to get to the counter. It should be as no surprise, therefore, to hear that more and more people have started to play the lottery online. If you want to find out how to do so, as well as lots of smart reasons why, then read on.  

How to Play the Lottery Online at Lottoland

Playing the lottery is meant to be an enjoyable pastime, not a hassle. In fact there’s no reason at all why it should be a hassle. If everyone else wants to battle it out in the corner store at ten past rush hour then let ‘em off! You don’t need to worry about any of that when you play the Lotto at Lottoland!

So, let's go – here's your ten simple and stress-free steps to playing the lottery online at Lottoland… 

1. Create a Player Account

To enjoy all the benefits of playing with Lottoland simply sign up. It should take about 30 seconds to a minute tops. Click on the Sign in or sign up link at the top right hand side of the page. Enter your email address and choose a secure password. Next enter your personal details then click the Create a new account button. Note that only one user account per person is allowed and that we are currently not able to offer our services to South Australian residents due to license restrictions.


One important point to note; all new Lottoland players must first verify their identity first before any withdrawals can be made. The reason why we do this is because it's required by law and is, as such, standard industry practice. You must do this within 90 days of signing up so you're advised to go through the verification process after you sign up - that way the paperwork's out of the way and you can just get on with playing. 

2. Choose Your Lottery

When it comes to choice of lotteries Lottoland is hard to beat. You can play familiar Australian lotteries such as the Saturday or Tuesday Lotto plus other popular lotteries from around the world, like American PowerBall, the lottery that gave us the infamous jackpot worth over 2 billion dollars!

Each lottery is linked to from the main menu or our lottery overview, click on your lottery to go to that lottery’s main page where you’ll be able to play the lottery, as well as get all the information on it such as information on odds, prize divisions and more.

3. Fill in Your Ticket(s)

At the top of each lottery page you’ll find the main ticket area. It’s arranged in a grid just like a paper lottery ticket. Select your numbers by clicking the corresponding numbers inside the ticket area. Alternatively just click the Quick+1 button on top right of the ticket for a randomly generated Quick Pick. Beside that button is the +Rest button. This allows you to “all in” with a full Play slip of Quick Picks (e.g. six tickets for EuroMillions or twelve for the Lotto).



Lottoland also allows you to play a special type of game called a Combo Bet, or system bet. If you click more than the standard amount of numbers you will automatically enable this feature. It’s more expensive to play, but it allows you to add even more numbers to your ticket increasing your chances of winning exponentially.







Exclusive Features:

Only Lottoland gives you the ability to win twice the amount of a given jackpot with DoubleJackpot. You can enable this cool feature with a single click. It will double your ticket price but, if you hit the jackpot, we'll pay you double the jackpot amount! 

To protect your lucky numbers, meanwhile, our exclusive NumberShield option protects you against shared wins so even if another Lottoland player picks the same numbers you won't have to share your jackpot! 

Note that both of these features cost extra and only one of them can be used at a time.

4. Don't Forget Those Extra Games!

Lots of lotteries come with extra games that either allow you enter additional draws to increase your chances of winning or allow you to win more for just a little bit extra. For example if you play US PowerBall and enable the PowerPlay feature you can multiply non-jackpot wins by up to 10x!

5. Set Your Draws

Like we said, one of the great things about playing the lottery online is that it allows you to dispense with all this queuing nonsense. Instead you can play upcoming draws with a few simple clicks. By default your ticket selection will be entered into the next upcoming draw, or you can select which draw you wish to participate in – for example you can opt to just play the Monday Lotto, or the Wednesday Lotto draw, or both.




6. Set Your Duration & Participation Options

If you wish to play a single game you can skip this bit, though if you're new it's worth noting that you've got a wealth of different options available to tailor your game to your specific preferences. So if you look beneath the main ticket area you'll see the Duration section. This is where you can set up recurring games or use Subscription play.

In the first case, you select how many weeks you wish to play from the dropdown menu. So if, for example, you play a single quickpick on the Saturday Lotto but select two weeks you'll be charged $1.40 That is 70c for this coming Saturday's draw, and then another 70c for the draw on the following week. 

If, on the other hand you tick the Subscription box this price will now become a recurring fee, whereby you will be charged $1.40 every two weeks. This option is especially useful if you're going to be away on holiday and don't want to miss out on a huge jackpot since you can cancel your subscription whenever you want. 



Next, on the right, you have the Participation features which allow you to further tailor your lottery playing to suit your schedule and budget. You can opt to play when the jackpot is at a certain amount or higher, or you can pick specific upcoming dates.

Keep in mind that your participation options may prevent you from participating in upcoming draws. So first of all, be sure to doublecheck that the starting date you set is actually the date you want.

Second, you need to take special care to ensure your "Participation From" settings are correct. So, taking the Thursday Lotto, for example, which currently has a jackpot of $15 million. If you've set your "Participation From" amount to something high, like say $30 million, then you won't be entered into any upcoming lottery drawn until the jackpot reaches that amount. So if you don't want to miss upcoming draws be sure to keep this in mind!

7. Submit Your Ticket

All set? Ok then – click on the green Submit button. You’ll be taken to the Shopping Cart page where you can now verify or amend your purchase before you finalise it. On the right hand side you’ll see a Delete icon (the bin), to remove the ticket from your cart and underneath it is a View icon (the magnifying glass) to view your ticket. When you click this button your ticket and numbers will appear. If you mouse-over the ticket you’ll be given the option to Edit it if you wish.

8. Confirm & Continue

Once you’re ready click on the Submit and proceed button to finalise the transaction.

9. Cross Your Fingers & Check Your Email!

Now, another great thing about playing with Lottoland that we haven’t mentioned yet is that you don’t need to mess around with tickets anymore. No more squinting down to see if you won. And no worrying about loosing it either – with Lottoland everything’s done digitally, instantly, and easily!

Once your purchase has been finalised you’ll get confirmation via email. You will also be notified of draw results and any ensuing wins. Any money you win will be automatically credited to your Lottoland user account. This can then be used to play again or you can withdraw it to your bank account. In other words you don’t have to do anything – the tickets, the results and the wins all come to you!

So, what are you waiting for?


To dig into lottery data is my profession. I can spend a full day analyzing statistics to get out the best insights possible.

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