14 September 2016

NumberShield: We Care, but Don’t Share!

How to Never Share a Jackpot If You Win

Can you imagine finally hitting the jackpot in your favourite lotto… And having to share the prize with many other winners? Unfortunately, this was the reality draw after draw. Until we came along. Because we strongly believe that when you finally hit a jackpot you should be able to cash in each cent of it, we came up with a solution that might change your whole lottery experience from now on.




Meet Lottoland’s exclusive NumberShield and understand why it should become an obligatory feature in your games.


How to Never Share a Jackpot If You Win

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So, picture this: you played Saturday Lotto this week - like you do every week now for years – for an incredible jackpot of $31 million. You are now checking the results. The first number, correct. The second number, also correct. And the third, the fourth, the fifth…

And suddenly, your eyes cannot believe what they see: you did it. You finally hit the jackpot! You are now a millionaire, right?


Another 53 people (yes, fifty-three!) also hit the same jackpot, which means the $31 million pool will have to be divided between all of you. Your share is a bit more than $500,000. Better than nothing? Of course. But it could have been $31 million.

This sad story, unfortunately, is a true story that happened in 2004, on the Saturday Lotto draw of the 31st of December. 54 people matched the six numbers and had to share the money pool for the jackpot.

Because of this and many other similar cases of too many winners sharing a pot, Lottoland decided to develop a tool that protects your game. So, even if there are other winners, you will still cash in 100% of the jackpot.

Here is how it works.


NumberShield: A Quick Guide

How Does It Work?

The NumberShield is a special feature that you can activate when playing any of the Australian lotteries at Lottoland.

When you enable this option and submit a ticket, your lucky numbers will be protected and, in case you do win the jackpot, you will not have to share your division 1 winnings with other possible winners who chose the same numbers as you.


How Do I Activate the NumberShield?

Activating the NumberShield is pretty easy: after you have filled in all your tickets, just click on the “Number Shield” button on the header of your play slip and voilà! You will see a watermark of a shield on your protected tickets.

Now just hit “submit” and relax, knowing that regardless of the number of winners, you will grab the full amount of it if you win!

How to NEVER share a jackpot if you win

How to NEVER share a jackpot if you win

How Much Does It Cost?

You can activate the NumberShield for a small extra fee per game, that varies according to the lottery, as follows:


Saturday Lotto: $0.35

Mon & Wed Lotto: $0.30

Tuesday Lotto: $0.60

Thursday Lotto: $0.45


Shielding My Numbers… Is That Really Necessary?

It’s really up to you. But to help you decide, here are two statistics you should know:

a) 7.2

This is the average number of jackpot winners per draw, for Saturday Lotto. Some draws have just a couple of winners, and others have more than 20 or even 54, like in that 2004 draw. But, on average, seven people are sharing the jackpot each draw.

That means that, without the NumberShield, you are actually targeting just a fraction of the announced jackpot – on average, 1/7 – when you play the lotto.  

A very recent example of this was the last draw of Saturday Lotto, on September 3rd. The announced jackpot was incredible $21 million. However, it was hit by 11 lucky (or not that lucky?) winners who had to share the prize. Each of them got less than $2 million.

Check out the below graphics with data about Saturday Lotto winners per draw from the last three years:

How to Never Share a Jackpot If You Win


Again, of course, it's better than nothing. But how many times in a lifetime will you be lucky enough to hit a lottery jackpot? Which brings us to another interesting number…


b) 1 : 8,145,060

These are the odds of hitting a jackpot on Saturday, Monday & Wednesday Lotto, with a simple game. If you are playing Tuesday Lotto, you have 1 in 45,379,620 chance of hitting the jackpot and, for Thursday Lotto these odds are even lower: 1 in 76,767,600!

Now, can you imagine going against all the odds and actually winning the jackpot… Only to receive a small percentage of the money prize?

Let’s face it, if you do win a jackpot someday, you better make it count!

Fancy trying your luck in the Australian jackpots this week? So pick your favorite lotto, shield your numbers and let other winners share the pot between them because you are taking home 100% of it.

Lottoland players do NOT share!

1 Dollar for a Dream - Play five Australian lotteries for just $1! That's a huge 75% off the regular price. Hurry, offer will end soon!
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Voucher Code: AUS1DOLLAR     CLAIM NOW »

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