10 March 2016

Increase Your Profits!

How to Bet On the Lotto with System Bets

With a system bet you can bet with more than the standard amount of numbers, therefore increasing your chances of winning exponentially. Although the concept may seem complicated at first, making your bet with systems is quick, easy and has huge profit potential. In this article we're going to show you exactly how.

How to Bet On the Lotto with System Bets

System Bets in a Nutshell

System Bet games essentially mean you are choosing more than the standard set of numbers than you would on a regular game. All these numbers are then betting on the following draw in multiple combinations, affording you the opportunity to match more numbers per bet. It should be noted that the more numbers you select the more the cost will rise. This is because you are essentially activating multiple games at the same time: more numbers = more games.

To engage the System Bet simply click on additional numbers beyond the regular amount of required numbers (i.e. pick more than six for the Saturday Lotto or more than seven for the Tuesday Lotto) and the feature will be engaged automatically. You will also see that the System Bet has been activated at the top of the bet slip. In the image below a System 07 bet has been activated for the Saturday Lotto. This means that, by adding an additional number, now seven different lottery games will bet on the draw.

System Entry - Saturday Lotto

Now let's take a look at some of the different lotteries you can bet on here at Lottoland and how you can boost your chances of winning with System Bets.

By betting on the Saturday Lotto at Lottoland you're able to use system bets to boost your chances of winning. Rather than the standard six you're able to choose up to twelve extra numbers making 18 numbers in total – more than three times the numbers of a regular bet. 

It's much the same with all Lottoland games, including both domestic lotteries as well as foreign ones. 

With EuroMillions and EuroJackpot, meanwhile, you can pick all available bonus numbers to increase your winning chances even further. 

With system bets you have a greater chance of winning those huge jackpots not to mention any of the other lower division prizes.

Win the American Dream

Two of our most popular lotteries at Lottoland both come from the US – MegaMillions and US Power. Together these games offer the biggest jackpots on the planet. With both lotteries, in additional to the standard five numbers, you can add an additional 15 for a massive 20 numbers per game! Due to the way the game is designed you can only pick one extra number, however you do still have the option of adding the extra games – i.e. the US Power "PowerPlay" and MegaMillions "MegaPlier" features, to multiply non-jackpot wins. Get the power of multiple entries AND prize multipliers together! 

The Advantage of Betting with System Bets

So, what are the benefits of system bets? Well, by betting with multiple games simultaneously you get more chances to win. Some people also like to use a mixed game, where they first click the Quicky +1 button for a fully-random set of numbers. They then engage a system bet by picking their own special numbers – their lucky numbers you might say – in conjunction with their random Quicky numbers to get the best of both worlds.

Betting with a System Bets in Five Simple Steps

System Bets may seem complex at first – and, in numerical terms they are – but for you, the player, they're both easy to understand and use, and they make it easier to win, too! Simply follow these simple steps and you too could be on the fast-track to riches!

1. Choose Your Lottery

The first step is to choose the lottery you wish to bet on. You can activate system bets in any of Lottoland's lotteries, except for the Spanish Christmas Lottery and its smaller sibling, El Nino (this is because they're traditional raffle-style lotteries, based on buying tickets with specific numbers, rather than a lotto where you select your own numbers).

2. Choose Your Lucky Numbers

Next, choose your numbers – remember you can either go for a Quicky, by clicking the Quicky +1 button, or you can select and add every one of your numbers manually.

3. Choose Your System

Now you can choose your extra numbers. These can be regular or supplemental numbers (e.g. Lucky Stars in EuroMillions). Just click to select your lucky numbers. Keep an eye on the type of system you have activated on the top of the selection area. Feel free to hover your mouse cursor over the System Type box to get more information on your selection including how many actual combinations you will be betting with.

4. Select additional numbers

With each additional number you add your chances of winning a prize increase significantly. The cost of this investment grows each time, but so does the potential payoff should you guess correctly.

5. Select additional options and Games

Don't forget those extra games – such as Lotto+, for the Irish Lotto, or, for the giant US lotteries, you also have the option of selecting the MegaPlier (MegaMillions) or PowerPlay (US Power) to multiply non-jackpot wins.

System Bet Example

Everyone's looking for a way to increase their chances of winning the Lotto and since system bets offer a chance to tilt the odds in your favour, betting with system bets makes sense. Remember the more numbers you pick the more numbers will be used in more and more different combinations. The table below shows you all the different types of games available for the Saturday Lotto (though this also applies to the Mon & Wed Lotto game), how many combinations will be entered and how much they cost. Note that the names of each system bet correspond to the types of numbers picked.

System Bet



System 07



System 08



System 09



System 10



System 11



System 12



System 13



System 14



System 15



System 16



System 17



System 18




More Questions?

By now you should have a good overview on system bets, what they are, how they work and how they can help you to win big. Of course we've really only scratched the surface of what system bets are and what they can do. This powerful method of betting really can help bring your lottery game to the next level so if you have any more questions please don't hesitate to contact support or just send an email to [email protected] and we'll be more than happy to answer your questions.