03 March 2017

Destined to Be a Millionaire!

How These People Accidentially Won the Lottery

While most of us spend years playing the lottery without winning anything, some people just seem to be meant to win big. Can you imagine winning millions in the lottery without even having bought a ticket? The story of these people will make you re-think your concept of “luck” – and start doublechecking every piece of paper you find!

How These People Accidentially Won the Lottery

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

In November 2012, following the destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy in the United States, a gardener from Long Island, was cleaning the foliage next to his home when he found a small piece of paper. He was Rosales Martinez, and what he found was a lottery ticket.

The ticket was all dirty and soggy, but fortunately Martinez decided to keep it. After drying it, the gardener checked the ticket numbers on the lottery website and… Bingo! The ticket was worth $1 million USD (approx. $1.3 million).

According to the lottery rules, Martinez was indeed entitled to the prize, since there was no identification on the ticket indicating that it belonged to someone else.

Martinez said that since he came to America, 20 years ago, he had never found not even a dollar on the street, and that this gift will help him with his finances for a long time. The lucky lottery winner plans to retire the lawn mower and spend most of the money on buying and renovating a new home for his family.

It Was Meant to Be

A Spanish employee from a lottery shop had his life changed forever in 2013, when he found a forgotten lottery ticket on the counter and decided to check the numbers. Manuel Rieja Gonzales quickly realized he was holding a piece of paper worth €6.6 million (approx. $9 million)!

However, since the ticket was from a game they did not sell at his shop, he decided to bring it to the police station and leave it at their “lost & found”.

When asked why he did that instead of just keeping the ticket and cashing in the money, he said: “Someone's definitely seen the winning numbers and now is desperately looking for this ticket. I could never just be quiet about it and take someone else’s money.”

But some things in life are really meant to be, and it seems to have been the case of this man and this lottery fortune. After months of waiting for the owner of the ticket to come forward – the only person who tried to claim it turned out to be a fraud – the police decided to return the ticket to Manuel.

Always Check the Cookie Jar

Ricardo Cerezo and his wife were having by far the worse year of their lives in 2013. They had lost their 14-year-old daughter for a sudden terminal disease and now were holding an eviction order. After all medical expenses, he had also lost his job, making it impossible to continue to pay their mortgage.  

One morning when cleaning the kitchen, Cerezo and his wife discovered some old lottery tickets that had been hidden in a cookie jar and had never been checked. At first, the couple thought about throwing the tickets away. However, feeling that he had nothing left to lose, Ricardo decided to go to a lottery shop that same night to check them and see if they had won anything.

The first 9 tickets did not win anything. Then, their luck started to change: one of the tickets had a $5 Dollar prize. When checking the last ticket, though, the machine showed the following message: "check online".

Once he got home and checked that ticket online, he could hardly believe it: the ticket was worth $4.5 million (approx. $6 million)!

Cerezo believes it was God and his daughter’s spirit who helped them in this difficult moment. In fact, his daughter was the one who had bought the cookie jar for the family, a few months before dying.

Luck? God? Karma? No matter what you believe, some people just seem to be predestined to win the lottery. But let’s also take into consideration that, for every story of lottery winners by accident, there is also someone who lost a ticket!

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