04 April 2016

A Full Price List of Lottos

How Much Does the Lottery Cost?

Do you see the jackpots first and foremost? Or are you more the type to look at the price tag? We have a huge variety of lotteries here at Lottoland and, with that, a huge variation of prices. So here's our latest lottery betting pricelist for Autumn 2016.

How Much Does the Lottery Cost?

If you're playing the lottery the old-fashioned way you're missing out. By betting on lotteries at Lottoland you not only get access to all the best lottery games and jackpots from around the world, you can also take advantage of some great lottery bargains!

Now before we go further it should be mentioned that these prices, as with any product or service out there, are subject to change and therefore represent the current pricelist at the time of writing.

This is just one of the reasons why we always recommend that you look at the bet slip area carefully, read the FAQs if you're not sure and, if you still have questions, please contact customer service.

Lottoland Pricelist Autumn 2016  



Austrian Lotto


El Gordo De La Primitiva






French Lotto


German Keno


Irish Lotto


Mega Sena


Mon or Wed Lotto



From $5**

Multi Keno


Polish Lotto


Polish Mini Lotto


US Power

From $5**

Saturday Lotto




Swedish Lotto

$1.50 (LOTTO 1 only)

Thursday Lotto


Tuesday Lotto


UK  Lotto



Note: All above prices are subject to change.

** Due to increased insurance cost with higher jackpots some lotteries will see an increased price if the official jackpot reaches a certain level.

Of course there's more to lotteries than just prices and jackpots – you also need to be looking at the odds. So be sure to also check out our article "which game offers the best lottery odds?"