09 December 2015

Is There a Secret to These Lottery Winner Success?

Has Someone Finally Cracked the Lottery Code?

How to Win the Lottery…more than Once!

Winning the lottery takes an unbelievable amount of luck. Sure, you have a fair chance of winning lower division prizes but as for lottery jackpots, worth millions or even hundreds of millions of dollars, the odds are much higher. It may surprise you to learn, however, that there are actually quite a few people out there who've managed to win big on the lottery multiple times. The odds of this happening may seem astronomical, yet it's happened far more times than you might expect. It's easy to put this down as simple coincidence, but if we look back at lotto history we find several stories of winners who struck it big - more than once.

Has Someone Finally Cracked the Lottery Code?


Two-time Millionaires Defy Astronomical Odds

Not too long ago a story broke about an English couple who managed to win a million pounds on the EuroMillions lottery – twice!

David and Kathleen Long had already won a million pounds back in 2013. When news broke of their second win even we thought it was a joke. Even if it hadn't broke on April 1st it would have still caused a few raised eyebrows, especially when you consider the odds they defied were 253 billion to one!  

Not long after a similar story broke here in Australia when a man from Melbourne won the Monday Lotto twice in just six weeks. The first win came on March 9th, worth a tasty $416,462. Then he got another windfall on April 20th, worth $796,950 to bring his total winnings to over $1.2 million.

"In March, I put that $400,000 prize towards the mortgage", said the anonymous winner, "Now I'll be able to use this second win to renovate the house."

It's not the first time it's happened either. A woman, also from Melbourne, was also lucky enough to win twice back in 2013 after accidentally buying two Saturday Lotto entries managing to win two first division prizes worth a total of $835,149.68!

Apparently, when contacted about the win, the woman asked, "this is a hoax, right?" Lucky for her it wasn't. When asked what she would do with the winnings she said she planned to pay off her mortgage, "It will be such a relief to be debt-free!"

In 2011 a syndicate of co-workers also won the lotto twice in just ten weeks in Australia.


The Lottery Hat Trick

Winning the lottery twice in a row – that's impressive huh? But trust me we're just getting started! Something extraordinary happened to a US couple last year that made international news, causing the media to dub them “the luckiest couple in the world”. And the reason? Calvin and Zatera Spencer from Portsmouth, Virginia, didn’t settle for less than a lotto hat-trick.

Their first win came on March 12, 2014 when the lucky pair took home $1 million USD on the US PowerBall lottery. Most people might be happy enjoying being millionaires but the Spencers kept on going. On March 26th the dynamic lotto duo scored again, taking home another $50,000 USD. This would qualify them as a pretty lucky couple indeed, but even that wasn’t enough for the lottery lovers. The very next day they hit a third massive pay out – this time $681,000 USD on scratch cards.

But the couple weren't fazed by winning big three times in one month. When collecting his prize, Mr. Spencer had a simple message to the public: “We’re not done yet.”

And, is that a freak occurrence or do we have another example? Why yes we do, from right here in Australia when, back in 2008, an anonymous man from Beechworth, VIC won the TattsLotto three times!


March Madness

In another instance of March Madness a Canadian man won big on the Lotto 6/49 for the second time in his life, earning him $1 million CAD. Although his name may suggest otherwise, Robert McPhail has had nothing but success playing the lotto. His first win was in 1992 when he was a part of a lotto syndicate which banked $571,157 CAD.

When he took home his second win, this time for $1 million CAD, McPhail displayed the mind-set of a lotto champion, telling the media that “I always thought I would win again. I just didn’t know when. My family members keep rubbing me for good luck.”


The mysterious lady luck

Some multiple winners, however, seem to have more than luck on their side. American Joan R. Ginther, a woman in her sixties from Texas, won big on the lottery four times. Not surprisingly the press were quick to the scene crowning her “The Luckiest Woman in the World”.

But facts soon emerged that made some claim more than luck might have been at play. You see, Ginther is a former math professor with a statistics degree from Stanford University. So was this really a mere coincidence?

Ginther doesn’t settle for small change either. Her first win came in 1993 when she claimed $5.4 million USD. Ten years later she won another $2 million USD. Two years after that she grabbed hold of another $3 million USD. The big one came in 2010 when she finally chased down a jackpot worth $10 million USD.

After her fourth win lotto players across the world were scratching their heads.

A professor at the Institute for the Study of Gambling and Commercial Gaming at the University of Nevada didn’t seem as enthused as some.

“When something this unlikely happens in a casino you arrest them first and ask questions later,” the professor told a journalist investigating Ginther’s wins.

But while some have called her wins into question, lottery officials give credit to the man upstairs. An official from the Texas Lottery Commission told a journalist working on the story that Ms. Ginter was “born under a lucky star.”

Ginther now resides in Las Vegas (bet the casinos are delighted to know that!). Whether she just got lucky or whether she was a shrewd professor who found a way to beat the system we’ll never know. The lucky lady has chosen to keep silent and refuses interviews with media. Is she done winning or will we see more lotto wins from this statistics enthusiast? Time will tell.


More lucky winners

And, as they say on infomercials, that's not all! Here's some more lucky people who've struck it rich multiple times playing the lottery!

Bulgarian property developer George Traykov, who lives in Essex, in England struck it big twice on EuroMillions. After already having one £160,876 on EuroMillions, in 2011 he got another £1 million on the EuroMillions raffle. Traykov seemed unpleased with having missed out on the big jackpot, however, claiming that he was “unlucky with numbers.” There really is just no pleasing some people!

The American self-proclaimed lotto expert, Richard Lustig, is famous for winning seven big lottery wins. He claims that “luck has nothing to do with it.” He instead adheres to the theory of hot and cold numbers, never playing on those that have recently just come up in a draw. In fact, he has developed a highly complicated system which he claims helps him to maximise his odds of winning the lottery. His book, meanwhile, has been so successful it's likely to have eclipsed his combined lottery winnings by now! 

In 2012, nineteen year old Tord Oksnes won the Norwegian lottery for the first time. What made his €1.8 million (approx.) windfall special, however, was that he was the third in his family to score big on the lotto. Before that his sister had won €1.23 miilion. Their father started the Oksnes lotto legacy with a €1.26 win. Tord even admitted to having a “guilty conscience about winning so much money”!

Are these lottery wins just incredible luck or did these multiple lottery winners figure out a secret we don't know about? There's no way to know for sure. Want to try your luck? Check this week's Australian and International jackpots!