08 March 2016

From the Heart-Warming to the Bizarre

Funny Lottery Ads from around the World

Lottoland's on the telly once again! Have you seen our new ads yet? We've launched new TV spots including one to promote our limited "5 Australian Lotteries for $1" offer. Lottery ads all have one thing in common, they're always positive and, more often than not, they're also side-splittlingly funny. So, to celebrate our new ad launch we've also assembled some of the funniest lottery ads from around the world. 

Funny Lottery Ads from around the World

We've just launched ads on Australian TV. Our first explains how you can bet on US Powerball. Our second outlinies our All For $1 offer, where you can play all five of Australia's biggest lotteries for just $1! But hurry, this offer won't be available forever.

Spanish Lottery Gets Players Animated

The Spanish Christmas Lottery, a.k.a. El Gordo, is the world's biggest lottery and is now available for Australian players only at Lottoland. In Spain it's a major event, on par with the Melbourne Cup with around 90% of the entire population taking part. 

There's also plenty of antipation surrounding the first screening of the new ad each year. Spain's Christmas Lottery ads always tugged at the heartstrings but this years' ad, about Justino, a lonely night watchman who works at a dummy factory, managed to top them all.

Lottery Craic

It's touching, and it's funny, but do you know what it's missing? A big pasty white ginger guy. Thankfully this ad for the Irish Lotto makes up for it. 

Funny American Lottery Ads

Heading westward we reach the shores of the new world, first stop, New York City, in this clever little ad for US PowerBall

Personally I'd go for the time machine and Terminator approach to Bieber removal but hey… Anyway, on to far more manly music…

Not everyone appreciates good music, of course, as this lotto ad shows.


Heading down under now, we start with an ad from the 90s for our Australian Monday/Wednesday Lotto

Then we have this ad for the Saturday Lotto (promoting one of the famous Superdraws) – it just doesn't get more Aussie than this!  

Funny Lottery Ads Compilation

Finally, to keep you chuckling, we've got this compilation of lottery ads from around the world including the US, Norway and New Zealand.

...It's No Laughing Matter

All five of Australia's biggest lotteries for just $1 - that's serious, as in serious good value. But great offers like this never last long so make sure to take advantage now while it's still available

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