15 September 2016

A Chance to Win Every Day

Daily Lotteries

Traditionally the major international lotto draws run at most twice a week with Australian lottos only having one draw per week, but a new generation of daily lotteries have sprung up, allowing punters to bet every day, increasing their chances of winning a prize. Don't want to wait days until the next draw? Our guide will take you through each one, so you can see which daily lotto is best for you.

Daily Lotteries

Polish Mini Lotto

The Polish Mini Lotto is a great daily lottery, offering players the chance to win jackpots of up to $100,000 from $0.50 per game. To bet simply pick five numbers from a possible 42. There are no bonus balls, just the standard five, and the Quicky option is available.

The lottery runs every single evening, Monday to Sunday, and draws take place at 9:40pm Poland Time CET (7.40am AEDT/5.40am AEST). 

The jackpot is not capped and is based on the sales each draw.


Multi Keno

The second daily lotto also comes from Poland and is called the Multi Keno. It operates on a similar principle to the Mini Lotto, except players can choose a minimum of 1 selection to a maximum of 10, between numbers 1 and 80.

The cheapest possible game is $0.86 but players can also choose to increase their stake, which will generate a bigger potential jackpot - up to ten times bigger with the maximum 10x multiplier. 

For example, a stake value of x1 on a game with ten numbers costs $1 and allows you to win a maximum of $100,000. A stake value of x2 with ten numbers costs $2, for which you can win a maximum of $200,000, and so on up to a maximum of x10, which costs $10 and allows you to go for the maximum $1,000,000 top prize.

Players who get all ten numbers right will also receive the Keno Bonus, which is approximate $90,000 and that is added onto your winnings, regardless of how many bets you purchase or which multipliers you have added. 

Draws are held twice a day, at 5.40am (1.40pm AEST/3.40pm AEDT) and 10pm (6am AEST/8am AEDT) and 20 numbers are drawn in total.


I guess we've established that the Polish are the biggest fans of daily lotteries. KeNow is also a Polish creation and this time they made sure there are not one or two draws every day, but 261. You read that right. There is one draw every four minutes, from 6.34am until 11.54pm CET (2.34pm-7.54am AEST/4.34pm-9.54am AEDT) every day of the week!

Betting on KeNow is not only simple but also fun because it is one of the few lotteries there also awards which don't match any numbers. In each draw, 20 numbers are drawn from a total of 70. In any single game, players can choose anywhere between a single number and ten numbers. 

If you choose to bet with 10, 9 or 8 numbers in any single game, you win a prize if you correctly guess 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 or 0 numbers. 

You can choose a single stake for $1, or multiply it by up to 10 times the amount - each stake amount costs $1 extra. The more you stake, the more you win, for each prize division.

In KeNow you can win, in each draw, up to $1 million if you matched ten numbers and added the x10 multiplier. That means every four minutes, every day of the week, you have the chance of winning $1 million!

German Keno

Our final daily lottery is Germany's version of Keno, which is one of their most popular lotto draws. While it runs on the same principles as its Polish counterpart, there are some key differences that you need to know.

To bet simply select between 2 and 10 numbers from the range of 1 to 70. The cheapest possible game is $1.50 for a single stake and the most expensive is $15 for a multiple stake of x10. The amount of numbers you choose and the stake value determines the price for a game.

Remember, the more numbers you pick, the better your chance of winning, and the higher your winnings could be. 

To increase your chances of winning you can do one or both of the following:

  1. Add additional games, either manually selecting the numbers or simply clicking on Quicky +1.
  2. Picking the PLUS 5 option, which adds an extra $1.15 to your stake (that’s in total, not per game) and increases your potential profits, should you get any matches.

Considering the potential winnings PLUS 5 gives you, and its modest price, it's highly advisable that you add this to your selection, even if you are only opting for 1 pick.

While jackpots vary, you can win a maximum prize of $1.5 million if you bet with 10 numbers at the maximum stake of x10.

That's not all, German Keno offers an additional prize division, where you can win without getting a single number. If you pick 8 numbers or more and don't get a single match, 3/4 of your stake is reimbursed.

Why? Well, the odds of not getting a single number is frankly quite high, so the lotto creators decided to reward participants who beat these odds. 

The draw happens every day at 7.10pm CET (3.10am AEST/5.10am AEDT).

Which Daily Lotto Is Best?

All the above lotteries have a big advantage when compared to more traditional lotteries: they offer players an unrivalled level of influence over their stake and potential winnings. Participants can spend as little as $0.50 (Mini Lotto), or put down $20; it just depends on how much they wish to part with, and how much they hope to win. 

With jackpots of up to $1.5 million to be won every day, and games from just $1.50, German Keno is hugely popular at Lottoland. Its Polish cousin, Multi Keno, starts at only $0.86 and offers even more options of games. But if you are looking for excitement, the chance of winning up to $1 million every four minutes with KeNow might be just what you need. And, of course, if you don't mind smaller jackpots, you'll get the best odds at the best price of all lotteries with Poland's Mini Lotto.