15 August 2016

Funniest Comments in 140 Characters

Best Lottery Tweets

You might think social media is little more than a haven for "trolls", the Kardashians and people who like to post pictures of their lunch, but it's so much more than that. It's also a place where the average person can share a witticism on any topic that comes into their head. We plunged into a sea of lottery tweets to bring you the best. 

Best Lottery Tweets

I feel like we should set up a GoFundMe for this guy. Although, considering the ever growing list of mishaps that have befallen Pokemon Go players, perhaps throwing alcohol into the mix isn't the best idea?Best Lottery Tweets

There are other reasons for having children?

Best Lottery Tweets

Redneck? Perhaps he, like many supercar owners, simply grew tired of the poor boot space and came up with a simple (albeit rusty) solution.Best Lottery Tweets

Friends? Who needs friends when you've just bought two new sports cars and a mansion? 

Best Lottery Tweets

In 2012 the residents of Sodeto won big on El Gordo, all except poor Costis Mitsotakis. The Greek filmmaker was the only resident of the 70 household community had not purchased a ticket for the yearly Spanish Christmas lottery. 

Costis has taken the whole thing rather well, and has been filming his local friends and neighbours as part of a documentary to show how the windfall has changed the town.

Best Lottery Tweets

Till lottery money do us part? It shouldn't be that surprising, we ran a survey a while back which discovered that around 20% of people would leave their partner if they won the lottery. Best Lottery Tweets

Don't think that was quite what lottery officials had in mind when they offered him the chance to 'remain anonymous'. 

Best Lottery Tweets

Well, it's not what the punters have been saying since the announcement.....

Best Lottery Tweets


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