11 May 2017

Win Big With the Thursday Jackpot

Australian Powerball - Everything You Need to Know

While most Australian lottery jackpots tend to be shared between multiple winners, there’s one exception. Australian Powerball. On two separate occasions in 2015, two lucky Aussies scooped the entire $50 million Division 1 Powerball pool to themselves. In 2016, a pair of Queensland grandparents were the only winners in a massive $70 million Powerball jackpot draw. While there were multiple winners in the biggest ever Australian Powerball pool of $80 million in 2009, more often than not when you win Powerball, you win it on your own. It’s the perfect lottery to play if you don’t like sharing! Drawn every Thursday night and with a minimum jackpot of $3 million, it could be you that becomes Australia’s next multi-millionaire thanks to Powerball!

Australian Powerball - Everything You Need to Know

How to Win Australian Powerball

Thursday Powerball is the Australian lottery which has two barrels of balls. The first barrel contains 40 balls numbered from 1 through to 40. The second barrel contains 20 Powerballs, numbered from 1 through to 20.

To win the Powerball jackpot, you need to match your 6 numbers in a single game with the 6 numbers that are drawn from the first barrel, and then match your Powerball number with the single Powerball number drawn from the second barrel.

Aside from the Division 1 jackpot, there are 7 other ways to win with your Powerball game – more ways than any of the other Australian lotteries. For example, just by matching 2 numbers and the Powerball gets you the Division 8 prize.

Prize Division Winning Combinations
Division 1 6 Winning Numbers + Powerball
Division 2 6 Winning Numbers
Division 3 5 Winning Numbers + Powerball
Division 4 5 Winning Numbers
Division 5 4 Winning Numbers + Powerball
Division 6 3 Winning Numbers + Powerball
Division 7 4 Winning Numbers
Division 8 2 Winning Numbers + Powerball


The odds of winning Australian Powerball are much better than those of its US cousin. While the odds of winning US Powerball are 1 : 292,201,338, the odds of hitting the jackpot in Australian Powerball are much shorter at 1 : 76,767,600. In addition, the chances of winning in any division with a single Powerball game is 1 : 110. With 12 individual Australian Powerball games, these odds shorten to 1 : 10. 


Australian Powerball Hot and Cold Numbers

Sometimes you’re hot. Sometimes you’re not. The same applies for the numbers drawn out of the Powerball barrels!

Since Australian Powerball changed from 5 main numbers to 6 main numbers in March 2013, the most popular (hottest) main draw number has been the number 26, which has appeared on 45 occasions.

The least popular (coldest) main draw number during this same period has been the number 28, which has reared its head only 22 times – that’s 23 less appearances than the number 26!

When it comes to the Powerball, number 2 takes the prize for the hottest, having come out on 17 occasions. The coldest Powerball, with just 5 appearances, is the number 16.


Hot Powerball main numbers:

  • 26 (45 times)
  • 32 (44 times)
  • 4 (41 times)
  • 20 (40 times)
  • 23 (39 times)
  • 5, 8, 19, 24, 29, 31, & 34 (38 times each!)


Cold Powerball main numbers:

  • 28 (22 times)
  • 1 &11 (23 times each)
  • 30 (25 times)
  • 12 (26 times)
  • 2 & 39 (27 times)


Most frequent drawn Powerballs:

  • 2 (17 times)
  • 5 & 18 (16 times)
  • 11 & 19 (15 times)


Least frequent drawn Powerballs:

  • 16 (5 times)
  • 14 & 20 (7 times)
  • 4 & 13 (8 times)


How to Bet on Australian Powerball

You can bet on Australian Powerball at Lottoland with just a few clicks!

The easiest way to add games is to use the 'Quicky' button at the top of the bet slip. Quickies are randomly selected numbers that take the hassle out of selecting your own numbers.

If you would prefer to manually choose your favourite numbers, not to worry, you can easily do that! You can even combine your favourite numbers with the 'Quickies', the choice is yours when it comes to our Thursday Lotto page.

Each single bet in Powerball costs $0.90.


System Bets

System bets are a great way to increase your chances of hitting the Thursday Lotto jackpot at Lottoland. A system bet allows you to play with 1 or more extra numbers per game on top of the standard 6 numbers you usually select. Extra numbers give you more potentially winning combinations, which increases your chances of striking it rich! For example, a standard 6 number game + 1 P Ball gives you just one combination. In comparison, playing 8 numbers in a System 8 bet gives you 28 possible combinations. A System 12 would provide you with 924 combinations!

Because you are increasing your number of potentially winning combinations, systems bets do cost more than standard bets. The table below illustrates how much each system bet costs and the number of combinations they provide you with.

System Bet Equivalent Standard Games Cost
System 7 7 $6.30
System 8 28 $25.20
System 9 84 $75.60
System 10 210 $189.00
System 11 462 $415.80
System 12 924 $831.60
System 13 1,716 $1,544.40
System 14 3,003 $2,702.70
System 15 5,005 $4,504.50
System 16 8,008 $7,207.20
System 17 12,376 $11,138.40
System 18 18,564 $16,707.60
System 19 27,132 $24,418.80
System 20 27,132 $34,884.00


System bets are easy to place. Once you choose a seventh number in any regular bet, the system bet is activated and the cost will automatically be calculated for you, depending on how many additional numbers you select. 


Australian Powerball Betting Syndicates

One other popular way of increasing your chances of becoming a millionaire is to join one of Lottoland’s Thursday Lotto Syndicates. Simply choose your syndicate and the number of shares you wish to purchase, and your money is anonymously pooled with other Lottoland members in order to buy more bets for the draw. Any winnings will be shared among the Syndicate members and distributed based on how many shares each member purchased. 


Subscribe and Never Miss a Jackpot Again

Lottoland makes it easy for you to set up your Australian Powerball bets to repeat each week. Simply use the Subscribe feature and you can choose how many weeks you’d like your bets to repeat, and Lottoland will take care of it for you! You can opt out whenever you like.


Download the Lottoland App

Free to download and easy to use, the Lottoland App makes it easy for you to place your Australian Powerball bets on the go. Imagine winning millions on your mobile! The Lottoland App is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones.


When Does the Official Australian Powerball Draw Take Place?

The official Powerball draw takes place every Thursday night at 8:30pm AEST / 9:30 AEDT. Lottoland publishes the results shortly afterwards on the Australian Powerball Results page.