26 April 2017

Five Steps to Help You Hit the Jackpot

5 Ways to Maximize Your Chances of Winning the Lottery

Dreaming of a year-long cruise around the world? A waterfront mansion, perhaps? How about your own private jet? Every year, dreams such as these become reality for lucky lottery jackpot winners right across the world. But while the odds of scooping the pool in a big lottery jackpot are big, there are a number of things you can do to increase your chances of becoming a multi-millionaire. Here’s five ways you can maximize your chances of winning the lottery. 

5 Ways to Maximize Your Chances of Winning the Lottery

1. Play Lotteries with Better Odds

Not all lotteries are born equal, meaning some are easier to strike it rich in than others. At Lottoland, not only can you bet on the most popular Australian lotteries, you can also have a go at the best lotteries from all over the world. This way, you can choose the lotteries where the odds are stacked more in your favour.

For example, while the odds of hitting the jackpot in US Powerball are 1 : 292,201,338 - the odds of winning Swedish Lotto are substantially more in your favour at 1 : 6,724,520. This means you are 40 times more likely to win the Swedish lottery compared to US Powerball!

The following table showcases a selection of the lotteries available at Lottoland and illustrates which of those lotteries offer the best odds of scooping the jackpot.


Jackpot Odds

Record Jackpot

Swedish Lotto

1 : 6,724,520

$40 million

Mon & Wed Lotto

1 : 8,145,060

$1 million

Saturday Lotto

1 : 8,145,060

$33 million

Austrian Lotto

1 : 8,145,060

$14 million

Irish Lotto

1 : 10,737,573

$27 million

Polish Lotto

1 : 13,983,816

$11.7 million

French Lotto

1 : 19,068,840

$57 million

UK Lotto

1 : 45,057,474

$126 million

Oz Lotto

1 : 45,379,620

$112 million

Mega Sena

1 : 50,063,860

$47 million

Australian Powerball

1 : 76,676,700

$80 million


1 : 95,344,200

$125 million


1 : 139,838,160

$267 million


1 : 258,890,850

$656 million*

US Powerball

1 : 292,201,338

$2.2 billion*

Super Enalotto

1 : 622,614,630

$270 million


Not only does Swedish Lotto offer the best odds of winning, at $1.50 a bet, it is also one of the most economical to play.

In comparison, while the odds of winning US Powerball might be high, with a record jackpot of $2.2billion, fortune most definitely favours the brave!

Keen to spread your wings outside of the traditional Australian lotteries and become an international lotto player? Check out Lottoland’s full complement of Australian and international lotteries!


2. Join a Syndicate

It’s a known-fact that 20% of all lottery jackpots are won by syndicates. That’s right, 1 in every 5 occasions a lotto jackpot goes off around the world, it’s because a group of friends, work colleagues, family or even a footy team have pooled their funds to maximize their chances of becoming mega-millionaires.

Syndicates afford you the opportunity to play more games and more numbers, hence increasing your odds of claiming the big one. Of course, you might have to share your jackpot with your friends, but $500 million between 10 people is still a whopping $50 million each!

While syndicates are a great way to maximise your chances of winning the lottery, they can sometimes be a pain to organise and, of course, we have all heard of an unfortunate story or two when a member is ‘accidentally’ left out of a syndicate one week!

Lottoland takes the fuss and potential confusion out of the traditional syndicate and offers its own revolutionary version of the lotto syndicate. Lottoland players can simply choose their lottery, select a syndicate and then decide how many shares they wish to purchase. All of the admin and payouts are then taken care of by Lottoland, without you having to lift a finger!


3. Play System Bets

Why play only 6 numbers when you can play 7. Or even 17! System betting increases your chances of winning a lottery by allowing you to choose extra numbers in addition to the standard amount of numbers required to hit the jackpot.

Let’s use Saturday Lotto as an example. In order for you to win the big prize, you need to match 6 numbers correctly. One bet with 6 numbers will cost you $0.70. But let’s say you have a few other lucky numbers you want to throw in to increase your chances of winning. For an additional $4.20, you can choose to play 7 numbers instead, which now gives you 7 potential winning combinations instead of the usual 1 combination. Have two extra lucky numbers you want to play? You can play a System 8 – which now gives you 28 potentially winning combinations.

The table below details the cost of placing various system bets and how many combinations each system would give you in Saturday Lotto.

System Bet Equivalent Standard Games Cost
System 7 7 $4.90
System 8 28 $19.60
System 9 84 $58.80
System 10 210 $147.00
System 11 462 $323.40
System 12 924 $646.80
System 13 1,716 $1,201.20
System 14 3,003 $2,102.10
System 15 5,005 $3,503.50
System 16 8,008 $5,605.60
System 17 12,376 $8,663.20
System 18 18,564 $12,994.80


At Lottoland, system betting is available for Australian lotteries plus most other lotteries from all around the world. Once you’ve chosen your lottery, it’s simple to select your additional numbers and increase your chances of becoming a multi-millionaire!


4. Some Numbers Are Luckier than Others

It might be worth studying how popular certain numbers are in different lotteries, and choosing your numbers based on their popularity. Facts show that some numbers appear a great deal more than others in different lotteries around the world.

For example, since the commencement of Australian Powerball to date, 5 and 13 have been the most popular main draw numbers, appearing 93 times each. 22 (89 times), 32 (88 times) and 31 (87 times) are the next most common numbers out. Number 12 is the least popular, appearing only 60 times since the Powerball began. The most drawn extra numbers in Australian Powerball are:

  • 5 (25 times)
  • 18 (23 times) and 8
  • 11 and 17 (22 times)

In Oz Lotto, 33 is the most popular number having appeared 108 times, versus only 70 appearances for number 10, the least popular number. 33 (108 times), 2 (105 times), 25 (103 times), 5 (102 times) and numbers 3 and 27 (101 times) are the other top numbers.

Of course, you might decide to avoid the popular numbers altogether and focus on those numbers that might just be overdue to make an appearance!


5. Play More Often

You’ve got to be in it to win it, right? So if you’re serious about wanting to increase your chances of hitting the jackpot, an important way to do so is to ensure you always have a bet in your favourite draw.

Lottoland has your back with a Subscription Feature that ensures you’ll never miss a draw! Simply select how many weeks you would like to play your favourite lottery, and Lottoland will renew your bet each week. So even if you’re away on holidays, or your boss asks you to stay back late at work, or you simply forget, you will always have a bet for your chosen lottery.

So, now that you know how to increase your chances of hitting a lotto jackpot, it’s time to search Lottoland to find your preferred Australian or International lottery, select your favourite numbers (or hit the Quicky button) and get winning! Good luck!