24 April 2017

The Tricks to Make Sure Your Jackpot is a Big Jackpot

5 Ways to Increase Your Lottery Winnings

When your lucky numbers finally come up and you hit the jackpot, you don’t want to be disappointed with the payout amount. More often than not, jackpots in Australian and International lotteries are shared among many winners. But they don’t have to be. Here are 5 ways to maximise the size of your lottery jackpot and keep more for yourself.

5 Ways to Increase Your Lottery Winnings


1. Pick Your Own Numbers and Think Outside the Box

If you’re still relying on birthdays and anniversaries for inspiration to select your lucky numbers, it’s probably costing you a bigger share of your potential winnings. Not only is this tactic limiting your range of numbers to between 1-31, it’s also the same game plan used by a lot of other people who play the lotteries! This means that when your lucky numbers finally come up, it’s more likely others will have the same numbers, drastically decreasing your potential payout as you have to share the winnings amongst many others.

All Australian and International lotteries offer numbers well over 31. Italian lottery SuperEnalotto goes all the way up to number 90! Generally speaking, the more numbers there are to bet on means the bigger the potential jackpot.

To increase the odds of your winnings being higher when you do hit the jackpot, it is worth picking numbers outside of the traditional birthday/anniversary range of 1-31.

For example, if you’re keen for a bet on Tuesday’s Oz Lotto, because the numbers go up to 45, it’s wise to include a number or two in the 32-45 range. After all, since Oz Lotto began, the number 33 has been the most popular number drawn!


2. Play Lotteries with Bigger Jackpots!

One surefire way to increase the size of your potential payout is to bet on lotteries with bigger jackpots! A lot of Australians are used to betting on Monday and Wednesday lotto, where the jackpots usually are as low as $1 million. A million dollars is nothing to be sneezed at, but if you have to share that jackpot with 9 others, all of a sudden your share of the jackpot becomes only $100,000!

Now courtesy of Lottoland.com.au, Australians can bet on lotteries all over the world in addition to all Australian lotteries. This means Australians can bet on some of the huge international jackpots that are common in lotteries such as US Powerball and EuroMillions.

In January 2016, the US Powerball jackpot hit a staggering record of USD $1.6 billion! Even if you had to split that with 9 others, your share would still be a massive USD $160 million (approx. $211 million)! Makes that $100,000 in the above Monday and Wednesday Lotto example look like pocket change.

If you’re keen to bet on lotteries outside of the regular Australian lotteries, check out Lottoland’s full complement of international lotteries.


3. Take Advantage of 'Double Jackpot'

Another simple way of increasing your winnings is to double the jackpot you’re playing for. Why play for $5 million when you can play for $10 million, right?

Double Jackpot is a feature exclusive to Lottoland and allows you the option to double the total jackpot amount you bet for in a selected Australian or International lottery, simply by clicking the Double Jackpot box each time you place your bet.

For example, if you’re keen for a punt in Monday’s Lotto draw but you’d like to play for more than the $1 million jackpot that’s on offer, simply click the Double Jackpot box before you place your bet, and you will now be playing for $2 million – that’s double the jackpot!

Fancy a flutter in Saturday night’s Lotto but think your lucky numbers should be worth more than the $4 million jackpot that’s on offer? Select the Double Jackpot box and just like that, you’re playing for a cool $8 million instead.

The Double Jackpot feature does cost more than a regular bet, but could be a small price to pay for a massive windfall. For example, the cost of a single bet in Monday Lotto is $0.60, but with the Double Jackpot feature selected, it will cost you $1.20. Double your jackpot today with Lottoland’s Double Jackpot!

Double Jackpot






4. Use ‘NumberShield’ to Protect Your Numbers

Picture this scenario. Finally, after weeks/months/years of playing your favourite set of numbers, it’s your lucky day and you’ve hit the jackpot in your favourite lottery! You are already planning how you are going to spend your life changing windfall, until you find out your 1st division prize isn’t really worthy of a gold medal after all. That $4 million jackpot was also won by 10 others, meaning your share is now just $400,000!

It doesn’t have to be this way. Introducing Lottoland’s ‘NumberShield’ feature! NumberShield allows you to protect your numbers so that even if the division 1 jackpot winnings are shared, your jackpot will still be paid to you as though you were the only one that won it.

So take the $4 million jackpot example above. If you use Lottoland’s NumberShield feature, instead of receiving only $400,000 because you had to share your jackpot with 19 others, you would receive the full $4 million!

NumberShield is an exclusive Lottoland feature which you can activate for a small additional charge when betting on Australian and International lotteries. The option can be selected per game field or for the entire bet slip.

Share your winnings with the friends and loved ones of your choosing. Not strangers!












5. Bet with Lottoland for Bigger Australian Lottery Jackpots

One final and important way to increase the size of your potential payout is to be sure to bet on Australian lotteries through Lottoland. For a limited time, Lottoland has added an additional $1 million to the jackpot pool of all Australian lotteries, and it doesn’t cost a cent extra to play for the bigger prize!

For example, if you’re having a bet on Oz Lotto and the jackpot is $2 million, with Lottoland you will be betting on a $3 million jackpot ($2 million + an extra $1 million from Lottoland).

It’s also possible to use Lottoland’s Double Jackpot feature in conjunction with this promotion, meaning you can turn that $2 million jackpot into $6 million! For example, the official jackpot of $2 million becomes $3 million with Lottoland’s top-up, and the Double Jackpot feature then multiples that by 2 to give you a $6 million jackpot to bet on.

Don’t bother betting on small jackpots ever again! Have a go at your favourite Australian and International Jackpots today!